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  1. Wow first time I’ve been this early to a Kai Video – Love the content!
    If Sony have not mentioned the price, then its safe to assume it will be greatly overpriced for the amount of features the camera comes with

  2. What was the critter that ran behind you??? Didn’t quite look like a dog. Looked more like a wild boar. O.o

  3. Kai gives us the Nikon Zf video already!!! We know you have the camera!!!

  4. Noob question, what does “improved color science” even means? More accurate colors? What is accurate color anyways when it depends on the display?

    1. Save the money and get a lens or sell and get the Leica q2 used . Watch the Tony and Chelsea review – there’s no Sony lens that is compact and can make use of those 60megapixels.

  5. Kai, thanks for the great video, super helpful especially for release day!

  6. You’d think putting a the A7RV and A7IV in smaller cases wouldn’t take much time at all!

  7. a7CR is an unmitigated disaster because of the omission of the “tilt-screen” function that landscape still shooters favor. That is a dealbreaker.

    1. @Saturn Atomic Wrong -disaster because of the omission of the “tilt-screen” function that landscape still shooters favor.

    2. ​@redauwg911 – Wrong. Camera is God tier. Do not doubt it’s grandness 🎉

  8. looks a big chunky camera, just with the EVF cut off. Nothing wrong with that but calling it a compact camera is a bit silly. Ricoh GRIII is a compact camera.
    No tilt screen makes this an easy pass, what’s the point of a discreet rangefinder style camera if you have to flip out the camcorder screen.
    Still got the clunky loud shutter from the A7C, that’s annoying. You’d expect paying that kind of money you’d get a quiet shutter, or a faster readout for the electronic shutter.

  9. Mate, pay your parter well! He looks like he hasn’t eaten for a long time. 😅

  10. Always nice to see you guys. The beginning of the video seemed a bit random and edit doesnt seems as smooth as usual, random pauses, voice over while talking.

  11. I know you’re joking but it’s a little annoying for you to constantly refer to this (and the a7cii) as an entry level camera for beginners, like at 6:56 – this is literally a $3000 camera. A7cii is still $2200. People looking at these cameras want full frame in a compact package instead of needing to lug around a big and heavy regular sized model for the same quality. If someone wants a full frame camera for cheap they’d just get an older model like an a7iii.

  12. i luv you gays allways and alammby ice cream kai king lock, and cameras, you know

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