Sony A7r V :: Hands on First Look

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I've been shooting with the new Sony A7r V for the last week – this is a very intriguing video camera with one of the most innovative autofocus systems of any mirrorless to date. Electronic cameras like the Canon R5 and Nikon Z9 have had broadened subject detection for a while, but Sony has actually now included a devoted processor. This processor functions as a neural engine for autofocus and subject recognition utilizing AI.

00:00 61 MP Sensor, BIONZ XR Processor and Neural Engine
00:31 Body and Handling
00:53 New Rear Screen
01:15 Video Features
01:59 Improvements over the Sony A7r IV
02:53 AI Autofocus Explained
03:15 Human Pose Estimate
04:15 Level Of Sensitivity and ISO Performance
04:58 Automatic White Balance Improvements
05:18 Image Quality
05:59 Is it worth upgrading from the A7r IV?
07:05 EVF performance
07:33 In Body Image Stabilization IBIS
09:08 Problem – Feature Creep in the Menu Style
10:12 Problem the new "Main Menu"
11:06 Problem – Feature Disparity In Between Cameras
12:25 Is the A7r V worth it? Last Thoughts

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Sony A7r V :: Hands on First Look

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  1. Amazing a7RV review Ted! Not just an interesting camera but a superior camera that was much needed from the a7Riii. A7RV is definitely worth is price tag!

  2. That screen… o my goodness… this is my next camera. Might take a couple of years but this is my next camera

  3. Hopefully the a9iii will have a ~30MP sensor with 6K60p internal (RAW) recording and oversampled 4K60/120p with full sensor readout.

  4. I’d love to upgrade from my a7rIII because you can shoot in compressed small and medium resolutions.

  5. Fantastic Ted! Your critisim words were all on the point! We Sony users all can relate.

    1. Thank you! Still a great camera but I wish they could one day clean up the interface.

  6. I was so worried about the R line having an articulating screen, so happy to see they went this route! Might just be close to perfect short of the lack Of high frame rate video options in 4K

  7. Thanks, this is the best review yet (today) about the new A7r V. I’m an A7r IV user myself and a 99% stills photographer (prints on my Sony, family videos and social media pics on my iPhone 13), but see the advantage of this camera for hybrid shooters, especially that screen and AI. Like most other camera manufacturers, they’re gearing toward the hybrid shooter, lots of video improvements, and slowly leaving the stills photographer behind. I love Sony, but will make my way toward Leica or even Hasselblad in the future. But that’s me, I came from film.

  8. This camera looks great! A bit out of my budget now but I waited a few years to get the A7RIV used for under $2k so I’ll probably just do the same for this one.

  9. I see only autofocus improvement at its best in this camera and you rightly pointed that why this upgrade can’t be effected in Sony A1 Mark two!! Yes, Sony has come up with revolutionary camera system with their different categories of full frame staff but in doing so they put into these systems something that remains strange like they are too sticky not to incorporate a fully articulating screen and an easy to use less complicated menu system for a very long time and they get world of criticism for not listening to the users!! But it’s enterprising that Sony is always a top brass when it comes to research and development of the newer equipments!! Every other camera companies don’t have cameras which are fully equipped and they struggle more to put almost everything in a single camera , perhaps it’s a business tactic to see more in another equipment than in one, Sony probably have also this in their mind and they are good at many sides like this Alpha R-V but in the video section which other R series is meant for disappoints in this latest model despite high resolution view finder and advanced articulating screen, but will it bring happy-at-last customers?!! I’d like to see video shoots from R-V to watch how much jitters this one bring forth!! People are ready to pay but they definitely dislike to buy the same thing with little improved on time and again and I here’s why people ready to break bank once for a Leica rather buying another of the same improved Leica and Leica have no dearth to catch the greed of customers to have one and sleep almost for a lifetime with the dreaded lergy of losing money again sooner for a better in the same category!!

  10. My hope is that the menu systems in Japanese cameras will follow a similar path as car infotainment. Eventually one manufacturer will adopt a universal OS (android perhaps), it’ll make proprietary menu systems obsolete and all manufacturers will follow suit. If that were impossible because of the hardware/software relationship, then just copy Hasselblad FFS!

    P.s. Yes to the beard you fun lovin photo pirate!

  11. It really misses a lot of opportunities for flash photography without the 1/400s sync speed as the A1. I think it is a huge miscalculation for a high resolution camera. 😢

  12. Wonderful review (as ever!). I also have the a7riv (mainly landscape with some bird and nature macro) and am tempted to upgrade even more after your review. (Insect detection, and focus bracketing!! whoo hooo!) And the IBIS! — You got down to 1/6 at 135mm – I wonder — do you think that would extend at 20mm down to 1/2 sec or so, which is where I’m often at for my waterfall shots. If so – bye-bye tripod for 90% of my shooting! That would be *awesome*. Flips screen helps so much for the low angle shots. and there sensor protection when off for changeing lens. That will cut down on dust spots. SO much to love about this camera!

  13. Great video, thanks! Interesting direction cameras are moving in, AI automation and all that. I think I’ll stick to film, my old fuji xt2 and simpler times 🥹

  14. +1 for your presets, having added a GFX100S to my kit last Fall I will probably stay with the 2019 A7Riv…few things I shoot actually move!

  15. As alway, totally enjoyed your review, an honest assessment. As an owner of Sony’s A1s, there does not seem to be a significant improvement to change to the A7r5. Albeit, the AI focus is impressive but I have not had any major issues with my Sony A1s. I will sit out and wait for either an A1 firmware upgrade or a Sony A1 2. Just my two cents

  16. As an owner of the A7RIV and A7IV my take away is that this combines all the features of both along with improved IBIS, AF, EVF, and rear Display, and small body ergonomics tweaks. There are many times I want features of one or the other and with the A7RV I think you can have both. If it works out I will sell both of those and move to this new one. Do you think it is missing anything from the other two? Also, thank you as always for you video.

  17. I often wonder why we always talk about firmware. I mean basically there must be an OS for the hardware and on top of that the actual apps if you like that gives us the features. I can understand that there is a stronger processer in this model, but basically that hardware architecture is the same. There must definetely be an OS compilation for each new processor definition, but not separate the app functions from the basic operating system in cameras?

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