Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM II – A Lighter, Better Standard Zoom

Super Bokeh Bros Merch!

Panasonic S5
Panasonic Lumix S 20-60mm ƒ/ 3.5-5.6.

[Electronic accessories]
Calibrite (previously X-Rite) ColorChecker Passport Video.
SLR Magic 82mm Fixed ND 1-5 Stops Filter Set.
Røde Wireless GO II.
Sanken COS-11D Lavalier Mic.
Røde RødeLink Lav.
[Voice Over]
Zoom H1n.
Røde VideoMic NTG.

* I might make a bit of commission if you use the item links above to assist me keep making videos for you, so thank you!

Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM II – A Lighter, Better Standard Zoom

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  1. hmmm i get the zoom “tightness” switch but i’d rather have “smooth” and “light” (basically smooth for video and light for photo – maybe with clicks at standard focal lenghts? – that’d be really nice to have imo)

  2. That little clip recorded using this lens seems better quality than the rest of the video — should just switch to that ;D

  3. I have the 24 – 70 f4 and I think it’s a fine lens . I would love if it were a little faster and a little sharper in the corner sure, but it gets the job done beautifully and I picked mine up used in perfect condition for $500. Of course I would jump at the chance to have one of these G Masters, but it’s nowhere near my budget, so if you find yourself in the same situation just know that the 24-70 f4 IS a worthwhile lens that can produce stunning results.

  4. Love you guy(s)…professional and funny 👏

  5. off the topic: I subscribed you since 2009 (or 2010, very early anyway), now I see your living in UK instead of HK, your life is actually moving it up, that’s great!
    I don’t use DSLR anymore, so I don’t click your video as often as before, but seeing you thriving makes me happy. keep it up man!

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