Sony Xperia 1 V – AMAZING 4K60P Overheating Performance + One Thing They Really Need to Fix!

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00:00 – Intro
00:15 – First Impression
01:28 – New Cam
03:24 – Functional Coolness
04:11 – Autofocus/Dynamic Range
05:41 – Video – A Lot Of Apps?
06:50 – Why Won't They Fix This?!
09:02 – Video – Photo Profile
10:21 – Vlogging
11:29 – Microphone Test
13:21 – Overheating Test
14:03 – Conclusion
14:50 – Sponsored by Adorama
15:07 – Super Bokeh

All by Sam Barsh (from
Last Require Alize.
Young Success.
Roman's Candle.

Panasonic S5 II.
Panasonic Lumix S 20-60mm ƒ/ 3.5-5.6.
Sony FX30.

[Cam devices]
Calibrite (previously X-Rite) ColorChecker Passport Video.
utm_source= kaiwong & utm_medium= affiliate.
Accsoon SeeMo iPhone HDMI Interface.
Røde Wireless GO II.
Røde RødeLink Lav.
Gitzo Lightweight Series 1 Traveler Carbon Fiber Tripod.
[Voice Over]
Shure SM58.
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Sony Xperia 1 V – AMAZING 4K60P Overheating Performance + One Thing They Really Need to Fix!

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    1. Unfortunately g cam on Sony Xperias has always been basically non existent. And like I’ve always said. I myself have owned lots of these Sony phones. Two years of software updates and a terrible auto mode plague them for a decade.

  1. A version of this sensor will be in the next Google Pixel phone, supposedly.

    1. Pixel 8 series will only samsung GN2 sensor (1/1.12″), Google only uses Sony IMX sensor in the Pixel 7A and Pixel Fold (64MP IMX787).

    2. @Einz MY First I said similar. I didn’t claim it would be exact. Now, I meant similar regarding technology. Finally, a lot of companies are considering that sensor type as the next version, mostly because most cameras have used the same sensor for five years now.

  2. With the external display accessory, it’s great Blogging camera, but it’s still nearly double the ZV 1

    1. can you go on the internet with the ZV1, can you edit on the zv1 or listen to music or play games?

  3. Use the sticker it was covered in to take off the dust! i did on mine
    before adding a plastic protection cover

  4. Shutter speed in degrees on a phone, but not on your Sony FX3 so-called cinema camera.. hmm..

  5. So, let me get this straight… the designers thought “you know those smartphones, that always have the front glass cracked because people drop them? How about we make the back out of glass as well for no reason. So that way, when people drop their phone, the back can also crack” “You are a bloody genius Gary, let’s go to lunch” xD

    1. @Santyclaws Dooggee S98. Defenitely does not have a glass back, I would not buy something like that.

  6. So the best dynamic range pic profile for video is s-cinetone? Is there cine 2/4 pic profile?

    1. Not really, that’s just a color profile for the SDR mode. By default it shoots without any profile in SDR but it can also shoot in HLG, multi-frame HDR or a combination of both.

  7. Video on mobile phones just haven’t improved enough over the past few years. Clearly bottlenecked by sensor/glass.

    1. That is not true. With the larger sensors we get way better dynamic range and bokeh

  8. 13:44 4 hours of non-stop 4K video recording? No wonder why most true reviewers said that the new Xperia phone doesn’t overheat like crazy anymore.

  9. 7:30 In this digital age, and with analogue technology swiftly disappearing into the mists of time, it’s always neat to hear someone say something analogue based about digital. Like, “filming”, “taping”, or in this case, asking “Is it rolling?”

  10. Love your content, but your watch collection more! Lovely reverso. Also a big fan of your BLNR and BLRO.

  11. Good news about the heat management. Before I made Sony my daily driver, I heard the warnings about heat management…but, I thought to myself NO BIGGS because I rarely use my phone for content…well, it turns out my Experia 1 III is ridiculously oversensitive to heat just walking around. In my classic ’95 Jeep Wrangler that has barely functional AC, if I drive around town (Las Vegas) on a normal 100º day, within 30 minutes I get a heat warning and not even using it. As an an actual phone, I like the Sony’s..but, I am not going to pay the extra $$$$$$$$$ for a phone that is slightly more heat tolerant.

    1. sorry but i call CODSWALLOP to that. I also have the 1 iii and I filmed in high temps in MALTA………..not a single overheating issue. I suspect the usual samsung troll here, Mind are a friendly fire and IRA funding Yank, so Samsung trolling is your usual go to.

    2. @The SFC: Sony Phone and PC Hardware Channel Hmmmm…I have had two 1 iii’s…the first one I went swimming with in the ocean and Sony repaired but I bought a replacement. Both experience identical overheating warnings just walking around or in my jeep when the temperatures get over 90ºf here in Vegas. I wonder why yours do not experience that. Again, this is not even when I am creating content….but, it might be if direct sun is hitting the front screen either in my jeep or on a table at lunch outdoors. What I like about this 1 iii it is NOT 5G…which I believe is only beneficial to advertisers so they can track location better….the LTE works fine for me. I do miss the non-wireless charging on the 1iii but it is worth the tradeoff to not have 5G.

    3. ​@Robert Baker PhotographyI have the Xperia 1IV and i have the 1IV since last year june the 12 and i also use the camera alot and did also 4 k videorecording and i never hade any problems no overheating isues at all i guess you are a troll.

    4. @Wilhelm-Bernhard Trometer Not understanding alll the haters….sorta crazy….I am posting my experience and many other people have the same experience…so, not sure why you have to lower yourself to name calling.

  12. The last thing you probably want to do is buy a Sony smartphone, since they’re not providing firmware updates for their $6000+ cameras, imagine how fast they’re going to drop updates on a smartphone.

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