Sony ZV-1F – Wider Prime Vlogging Cam, Missing One Killer Sony Feature

Sony's most current vlogging cam suits just listed below the 1" sensor compact ZV-1 and the APS-C sensing unit ZV-E10, but what's new and is it any good?

Check out Sony ZV-1F

Canon EOS C70

Røde Wireless GO Wireless Mic.
Sanken COS-11D Lavalier Mic.
Rotolight NEO 3.
Rotolight AEOS 2.
[Voice Over]
Shure SM58.

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Sony ZV-1F – Wider Prime Vlogging Cam, Missing One Killer Sony Feature

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  1. Hmmm… still looks a little crunchy. Kinda thought they’d update the sensor more for the price. Still not terrible tho. But it does kinda look like a phone censor.

  2. I’m really so excited for when All of these cameras start dropping in price in 3-4 years I’ll happily have a bunch of little demon cameras for cheap

  3. Not keen on this was hoping for a upgraded version of zv1 for a long time this seems to be a downgrade

  4. Well. it’s cheaper than the ZV1 and the announcements did say “entry” level.

  5. Thanks for the video Kai! Am I the only one who thinks the shaking is unbearable? This seems like a step way back in the wrong direction. Do I have it wrong?

  6. Does it overheat at all? Honestly if shops aren’t sold out 500 for this seems like a pretty slick deal

  7. 20MP, 16fps stills, 4K 60, 2″ focus distance, articulated screen… Actually seems like a pretty decent package. But with the larger sensor, higher res, E-mount ZV-E10 available for $800, I would have liked to see the price a little lower, maybe around $400, or even just down to $450.

  8. I think it is supposed to be a new ZV entry level camera, it’s cheaper and more limited. No really a ZV-1 update, its a weird move by Sony.

    1. You acknowledge its an entry level camera and then proceed to say its weird move. Not really considering that the zv1 and zve10 are still above 600 new. And this is 499.

    2. @Empress LC Sorry, I meant weird because of the name, makes it look its just an updated version of the zv1

  9. What would be the benefits of using this Sony camera as opposed to an iPhone for vlogging?

    1. Probably memory, interchangeable batteries and just having a dedicated device. Plus none of the over HDR business.

    2. Less money, more storage, far more faster usb connection. Imagine spend a thousand dollar for a phone that older than most teenager 😂 how long it take to transfer prores video to computer from iphone? 😂

  10. Something like this with fixed lens equivalent of 35mm with raw, perfect for street photography. Not caring that you can break the zoom lens…

    1. @Zoran Zaric with ricoh gr i would have to be careful for the lens for X100V i would have to sell my kidney 😂

    2. @Michał Pilarski Ricoh gr IIIx has 35 mm equivalent and can be found for 300$ more then ZV-1f with APSC size sensor and far better lens so not really selling your kidney is it? And you get far better quality for street shooting…

  11. Not sure why this exists tbh. If it was £300-350 it would be compelling, but at £549 I don’t understand why someone starting out wouldn’t put that money towards an APS-C Sony setup, a GoPro, or a phone. First misstep Sony has made in a long time.

  12. This thing costs the same as the G100. Smaller sensor, fixed lens, CDAF, no EVF, limited features… No thanks!

  13. Smartphone-sized optics scare me more than tiny sensors and that kid got humour, give him a Christmas bonus!

  14. I don’t get this vlogging camera. The Xperia Pro i seems to be the better vlogging kit. Way better stabilisation and even zoom and wide angle

  15. That’s the problem with EIS, you need to have minimum 1/100th for 25p, ideally 1/200th it’s the same with any electronic stabilisation whether it’s an Insta360, GoPro, iphone, or this.

    That wobble is shocking! Plus the contrast only AF is a huge loss.

  16. “One less thing to break, I would know, trust me.” I love that you’re saying this while holding a 14 Pro Max, without a case, in your other hand… LOL

  17. These 20MP Sony sensors have always made skin look kind of shiny and mushy to me. Very unnatural. I find it a total deabreaker. May as well use a latest-gen cellphone. Or if you want something better, get a camera with an M4/3 or larger sensor.

  18. It’d be nice if there was some trick like much better stabilisation when you use that silly little zoom.

    Built-in ND would make some of that video look a bit more premium. As is, it doesn’t give enough of a better-than-smartphone feel for me.

  19. I don’t know where to put this in a kit. Pros wouldn’t need it, and it’s very limiting for beginners. I’d only recommend this to a very casual photographer who want something relatively cheap, with good quality, and compact at the same time. Other than that, I’d recommend something else for sure.

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