Sony ZV-E1 – Vlogging a7S III With a Unique AI Feature!

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Panasonic S5 II.
Panasonic Lumix S 20-60mm ƒ/ 3.5-5.6.

[Cam accessories]
Calibrite (previously X-Rite) ColorChecker Passport Video.
SLR Magic 82mm Fixed ND 1-5 Stops Filter Set.
Accsoon SeeMo iPhone HDMI Interface.
Røde Wireless GO II.
Røde RødeLink Lav.
Gitzo Lightweight Series 1 Traveler Carbon Fiber Tripod.
[Voice Over]
Shure SM58.

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Sony ZV-E1 – Vlogging a7S III With a Unique AI Feature!

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  1. Might have to add this to the arsenal. Thanks for the insight Kai!

  2. Awesome. Is it better than Sony fx30 ? Please suggest I am planning to buy fx30.

    1. #1 you didnt even watch the whole video let alone 1 minute of it and #2 the fx30 and the ZV-E1 are apples to oranges in comparison with the former being a CINEMA LINE focused camera body and the ZV-E1 being a freaking VLOGGING CAMERA. WEIRDOS!

  3. When will someone come out with the PERFECT vlogging camera? This is just another nice camera that ALMOST checks all the boxes.

  4. Is vlogging/content creation so lucrative that they can afford a £€$2k+ crippled camera plus a £€$700 lens to compensate?

    1. Yeah, Youtubers getting over excited over this over priced product. A74 would be a better buy..

    2. Even smaller YouTube channels can get more views than a lot of ‘professionally’ produced TV programs, so I don’t understand why we’re still so dismissive of vloggers and content creators.

  5. im pretty sure it is ready now for 120p…. the question is what will Sony present in June? since it looks like they will kill A7sIII ? so they make you fill like you will have extra benefits in future but maybe you will spend your money now instead of waiting for great announcement

  6. Lok is a national treasure

  7. Brilliant!!! finally the EV I wanted has come out just before it’s time to buy… few!!!

  8. maybe you could do another channel together doing other stuff like testing restaurants etc

  9. I wish they’d bring out a successor to the ax700 camcorder that shoots 4k 120p. The camcorder segment seems to be forgotten by manufacturers

  10. I think cameras have gotten like professional mics. They can’t make them any better now. No where to go

  11. So this camera has innards of A7SIII but none of its heat distribution ability? This is gonna catch on fire one day.

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