Sony ZV-E10 II – Their Best Value Vlogging Camera Yet

All the ZV-vlogging cameras are puzzling by name, however it's clear that has actually got it perfect with the second generation of the ZV-E10.

00:00 Intro
00:46 Body and Battery
01:26 Microphone
03:57 Processor/ Rolling Shutter
05:02 Power Zoom/ Stills
05:56 Video/ AF & Appearance
09:01 4K 60P
10:17 Steadyshot
11:52 Image Profiles
13:18 Other Functions/ Final Ideas

Sam Barsh: Gronkonkoma// Tower of Gower// Flight Night// Pen Battle Yum// Bay Leaves for Supper –

Playing Footsy – PremiumBeats

– Their Best Value Yet

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  1. The crop (1.5x) with the stabilization and the 16 mm (already at 1.5x crop) at the widest end leaves this a pretty crippled kit in my opinion. In full frame terms, that’s 32 mm at the widest. Isn’t that pretty much useless for vlogging.

    1. @@25557813 If they update the GX9, it would compete perfectly with this. Hopefully one day.

    2. This camera is $995 and an extra $100 with a lens. Gh7 base price is $2200, I would pick the A7Siii based ZV-E1 for that price.

    3. @@vorjay Im a biased panny boy. Open Gate is a big feature Panasonic is winning with GH7 and S52x for me.

    4. @@estradaphotovideo again. those are twice the price of this camera. it’s like being in a conversation about Toyota Civic vs Honda Civic and someone saying they would take a BMW 3 or an M3. this is more competing with a LUMIX G100 ffs.

  2. Thanks for the insight guys!…Honestly I’d ditch it and go for the 10 to whatever it is..10-11?..10-11? is it 10-11?..thats just 1mm apart!…hahaha

  3. Camera conspiracies is going to have a field day with this one. 😊

    1. Oh Yeah Mark’s got a cult following of Zve10 enthusiasts, and I am one of them πŸ˜‚

    1. Fro tested it at 32Β°C at 4K60p for 2 hours before overheating. Where did you get your test results?

    2. @@MyFriendlyPup it said 29mins at 200mbps 4:2:2 10bits at a hot 132Β°F. So again, where did you get the 12min data?

  4. The body looks exactly like a ZVE1. Not as good a camera though by a long shot.

  5. Its not their best value yet, have you seen how much you can get this on Amazon UK? body alone new can be almost had for Β£430. Double the price for nonsense features for whom made the mark 1 as popular as it was, they don’t care for them.

    Giving props to a huge mark up via adding features that most won’t care for just gives companies like Sony more reason to price hike more stuff.

  6. A vlogging camera without IBIS, no mechanical shutter, no 4K60 without crop, no 4K120 at all, and a pi$$ant 1MP LCD… in 2024… Yeah, ok… πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  7. Feel like that active steady shot was pretty jittery still, with lots of digital artifacts. I think I’ll be sticking with lens IS for now. Compared to the stable on Lok’s Lumix it’s just night and day!

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