Storytelling with Photography

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Some audience mail today, and most likely among my favorite books anyone has sent out in!

0:00 Introduction
0:15 Ron Hoffman – From the Bronx to Berlin and Beyond
4:55 James Lee – 3 Zines
8:15 Construct your website with Squarespace
9:47 Kasper Christiansen – Here Alone
13:02 Ryan Federman – Wander

Featured in this video:

Ron Hoffman – From the Bronx to Berlin and Beyond

James Lee

Kasper Christiansen

Ryan Federman

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Storytelling with Photography

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  1. Nobody on the internet sounds so intelligent in an unscripted ways. I love this professorial aspect of Ted. Thank you Ted!

  2. Ted, thanks for another tremendously informative book review. This gave great ideas to incorporate into my book, which you reviewed a few weeks ago. I’m looking for a recommendation where to get my book published. I use Blurb but they charge so much, every time I sell one, the patron gets a book and an apology for the price. Thanks again, Eugene

  3. Ted, Thanks for looking at my three zines. Appreciate the feedback. Always good to get some positive recognition.

  4. The first book you discussed, the documentary photography book is a gem… and a portraits a good idea to why we take photographs… and putting the gems together with a story.

    1. So glad you are drawn to my book. I traveled for overseas environmental and development projects, and the photos helped humanize the work and build ties and commitments back home.

  5. I’m not a photographer (fine art painter) but I love your videos, particularly these book/zine show and tells. 👍

  6. Another awesome video, was always interested in how story is vital in Photography.

  7. As soon as I am able to pay for my own book, you will be receiving the first copy. Your channel is an inspiration to all. Thank you Ted!

  8. Really like watching these videos of the zines. It’s always good to see others work and how they express themselves through that work. Probably what I like most of your videos doing this, is that even when you critique you see behind the “flaws”. You see the meaning of the intent.

  9. I recently looked through an excellent Saul Leiter book which had a spread image whose subject went straight down the gutter, so major publishers still have trouble with this too~

  10. Thanks so much for looking at my work Ted! I’ll definitely be heading down the rabbit hole, when I haven’t been spending money on new lenses I’ve been spending on new photo books haha. Thanks so much for the feature 🙂

  11. Relating strongly to Ryan’s letter and your advice to him. Like Ryan, I’ve just completed my first year of taking photography seriously, and found myself nodding throughout his letter and throughout your advice. Thanks to both of you for the confirmations, motivations and directions!

  12. Wow, I think that’s the most “mature” collection of work I’ve seen in one of your mail-in-videos, none of them would feel out of place in the well sorted photgraphy section of a library… Keep up these videos, love them for inspiration and motivation!

  13. Wow, that’s the most dynamic Squarespace promo I’ve seen so far!!! Amazing how a little Vivaldi can help pack a punch.

    I also wanted to thank you for the time, passion, and quality of artistic content you share with us here on Youtube, it’s very much appreciated. Respect.

  14. Ryan’s taken more great photos in one year than I have in nearly 20! The more I watch this channel, the more I think I should sell my gear and just buy photo books to enjoy other people’s great work!

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