Street Photography in Bad Light.

A brief film about shooting when the conditions are bad.

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Street Photography in Bad Light.

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  1. Easily one of my favorite channels. Thank you for some of the most tasteful and relaxing videos touching on creative content and for always inspiring others

  2. Great video, hope that I will remember how creative you can be on “not so nice” days. Will try it in NYC later this year

  3. Faizal, you’re reading my mind right now, as weather is shifting (here in the UK) and I’ve done less photography as a result. Maybe time to change up Fuji film-sims, too? That’s my focus right now to keep me outside. Thanks for the video.

  4. Rainy weather and jazz make for great photography IMO. Also, all my filters are URTH – nice sponsor! 👍🏼

  5. Brilliant video! Thanks you for sharing your photographic voyage with us. Weather here in MA is always a mixed bag. Summer 2023 has been hot and rainy!. Always great content!

  6. I distinctly remember watching the video about motion blur and then using the technique once when it rained. I haven’t used it since because it really is situational as you said

    The problem is when I look outside and can’t even imagine a good picture I just don’t see the point in going out. If I look at my pictures I never gravitate towards the super diffused light ones even when they have great subject matter

  7. We have been blessed by another incredible video.

    Faizal you have done it again man.

    Your videos are inspiring and I hope you never stop pushing out incredible content.

  8. Great ideas for photo techniques to try again, but even better ideas on how to enjoy photoraphy by going into new or under-explored environments.

  9. This is an excellent, entertaining tutorial that demonstrates the techniques without being pedantic. Great job. 😊

  10. Found your channel some weeks ago. I love everything you have and are currently putting out there, just wanted to share my thanks.

  11. wow i really needed this for inspiration. Ihave been wanting to play with motion blur. I always resort to panning shots of cars which I enjoy but this opens up so many more possiblities. Great video Faizal!

  12. I can’t get over how great of a story teller your are. Your photos are always inspiring but the way you weave them into visual story telling and cinematography blows me away

  13. Someone once told me that as long as you can see, you can make a photo. And, there’s no such thing as “bad” light. What matters is that the light is right for what the moment means to and feels for you.

  14. Beautiful video! Really excited to hear about a magnetic ND filter but was wondering if the magnetic ND filter youre mentioning is the polarizer in the kit or do you modify it? Cant find a magnetic ND on the Urth Website and the link in description takes you to the polarizer UV combo.

  15. Overcast and cloudy days are actually my preferred days to shoot because the sky is dramatic in backgrounds and the light is incredibly even and soft, like the sky is a giant soft box.

  16. You and your channel are going from strength to strength, Faizal. I could not enjoy your videos more. The combination of creativity, outstanding imagery and education is unbeatable. Thank you .

  17. Hell yeah Faizal! You’ve blended the world or cinematography with street photography so beautifully (again). Always love to see what you create!

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