Street Photography in Motion: Lisbon (Sony A7IV)

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in Motion: Lisbon ( )

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  1. So beautiful! I love this town. It’s been a while since I was there… Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the fact that you’re traveling to all these places, your photography is brilliant!! The way you capture mood and events by using different surfaces and angles is like capturing the moment in a time capsule👏👏

    I’m new to street photography and I just wanna ask if it is possible if you could explain in a yt short, or a small section of your videos, the legalities about taking photos of people and asking for their permission to do so and such☺

  3. Gorgeous film, Faizal. There’s a stunning amount of textures in Lisbon, I am hoping to visit myself sometime soon.

  4. I love to shoot in Lisbon and just watching one of the photographers you love in “your” city is just amazing! Loved the video, hope you’re enjoying the city and hope you find it inspirational like I do 😊

  5. thank you so much for your videos faizal, they’re such an inspiration for me. i love it

  6. Amazing ! I love your eye, and how most of the sequences are “photos that move”: a static frame in which life happens.
    I am going to rewatch this, hoping to catch some of your art as inspiration for my trip to Porto this weekend 🙂

  7. Absolutely beautiful work. Really love how you compose your shots and the fact that you kept the ambient audio. So simple, yet such a satisfying watch

  8. Your video reminds me of the days I was in Lisbon in this summer. It’s the most peaceful city I’ve ever been to and local people there are sooo nice to tourists. I can feel their passion about life and love for their city so that they can show these motions to outsiders. The music calms me down and every frame is like a film frame. Love your design and editing. ❤

  9. hope you had a great time on this beautiful city of lisbon.
    I know the guy on the 28 yellow tram

  10. You inspire me to continue creating and I appreciate you for that. This was beautiful ❤

  11. this is very beautifully filmed! what lens were you shooting with?

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