Street Photography is for Beginners

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0:00 – Intro
1:00 – Street teaches you how to notice
3:28 – Street teaches you how to fail
5:50 – Sponsored section
6:47 – Street photography makes you bring your cam

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Street Photography is for Beginners

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  1. So well said Faizal – ABC: Always Bring Camera. If it wasnt for street photography, I wouldnt have gone to many of the weird and wonderful places ive been to. Like you said, you never know if theres a protest right around the corner. That actually happened to me in Berlin some years ago! Dead tired from train travel from Budapest to Berlin. On the way to the airbnb looking to get a decent nights sleep, then BIG protest. How can you not stick around for that? Anyways, lovely video.

  2. Awesome, just what need 🙂 I’m an ameture wildlife photographer with a DSLR but I’m going traveling soon with my brand new x100v and am excited for my street/travel photography future 🙂 Thanks for everything 🙂

  3. The cinematography, narration and lesson. So much value and inspiration taken from this, as always thank you Faizal!

  4. You really nail the emotion in your videos. Even if there is great info, not everyone is able to apply that emotion.

  5. Hey Faizal, We discovered your channel just yesterday and wer glad that we did. We are a couple of travel content creators from India. WE have always found it easier to film nature and landscapes but found it difficult to film urban/modern environments. The troubling question for us has always been “What should we film?? everything is so chaotic!!” This video helped us a lot when it came to what we should notice and how there is always something that is slow in a frame full of chaos. Thank you so much for the video. Much appreciate and love from India 😄😄😄
    That first frame though 🙌🙌

  6. This is wonderful advice. When I returned to my hometown in disappointment back in 2012, I was depressed and felt sorry for myself. Amazon had a lightning deal on a Panasonic gf3 and I snatched it up. That was enough of an excuse to stop feeling sorry for myself and start exploring and appreciating my hometown. Everything you said about using photography as an excuse to explore, forcing you to notice things, placing you in new environments and situations, and being a means to personal growth are absolutely true.

    Cheers from Ohio, man.

  7. Street photography helped me become who Iam today. It gave me a very strong fundamental understanding of making photos and handling a camera.

  8. Even with filming and working on projects for content creators, I’ve had a lot of them come up to me and thank them for the different ideas I bring to the table thanks to street photography. I’m also looking for new angles and styling with candid filming as of recently. Fantastic video as always man.

  9. 4:28 I’m pretty sure that quote is actually “Your first 10,000 photos are your worst” and if that’s the case, then it just proves your point even more so

  10. I’ve come up with a problem doing street photography, I live in a small city and so I’ve ended up exploring almost every corner of it and now I’ve left off with almost nothing new to shoot

  11. Amazing video
    You described Street Photography as a way to level up the skill of a beginner photographer who wants to start doing and enjoying photography as a form of art

  12. Nice! Mainly an architecture and landscape photographer, I am now intrigued by the “in the moment” and spontaneous aspect of street photography. Plus it would combine my love of capturing how people inhabit the environment they are in.

  13. How dare i misquote the great Henri Cartier-Bresson yes, it’s 10,000 photos not 1,000, but you get the idea.

  14. The main reason street photography is good for beginners is it is so accessible and you don’t need high end photography equipment to do it. Plus you literally learn as you go along.

  15. “getting better at noticing things” very true, “it’s the art of seeing’ as described by Stephen Shore!

  16. I got an X-E4 yesterday, took it to lunch today. First photo-first camera I’ve owned after doing some videography work in the past few years. Can’t wait to shoot a thousand bad photos and enjoy the process! I’ll actually be up in Boston next month, going to enjoy some new spots near where I grew up!

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