Street Photography on the LUMIX S5II (First Impressions)

Take a look at the S5II:

Edited & color graded in Davinci Resolve

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Pictures modified with my Capture One presets:
Camera bag:
Video camera strap:

#lumixs 5ii.

on the S5II (First Impressions)

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  1. I love how every Faizal video relaxes you in the first couple of seconds and gets you in the mood of the video. Thanks, Faizal. Aspiring to make videos with the same cinematic touch as you!

  2. What do you think of the LUMIX S5II? And what would you like to see me cover about the camera or my video creation process in general in future videos?

    1. I like the option to adding LUT’s as a picture profile to kinda get film simulations, few months ago i switched to Sony😅 Hopefuly Sony will learn few tricks from lumix.

    2. Please make a video about your videography and color grading creative process!!!

    3. As another comment mentions, would be really cool to see how Real Time LUT works for street photography. Maybe some SOOC film simulations? I know the camera can add different levels of film grain.

    4. I love the videos and photos you’ve created. It’s so calming to see the cityscape you’ve captured. It’s like a meditation. I admire how the footage taken with a kit lens is so warm, like the feel of an old lens. It’s really interesting to hear you talk about your video creation process as a photographer. You focus on the shot, not the technology or equipment. I hope you continue to talk about videography, including your color grading process. 🍑

  3. Nice! Good to see the Lumix S5 II being used for street photography. Did the size get in the way for discreet street photography? For example, Fujifilm X-T5, X-E4 and Sony A7C are smaller. It seems a bit chunky. But perhaps it is still do-able.

    Looks like a fun camera with great user interface vs more utilitarian cameras such as the Sonys. The images and footage are certainly beautiful! How do the LUTs compare to Fujifilm recipes use? Comparable?

  4. I was this close 👌 to get this camera last month, but i ended up getting a used a7r iii since I felt the af on the sony was extremely more reliable and fast. But useless to say that the s5ii is a hell of a camera and I’d love to spend a couple days with it!
    As usual, your vids are so cozy and interesting man.

  5. I picked up a MFT LUMIX last year and was blown away with how capable it was. Got it for video project my daughter was doing, but quickly became my favourite stills camera. SII a strong contender for when I upgrade later this year. LUMIX build quicky seems to be excellent as well.

  6. Beautiful video man, looks like a really solid hybrid camera. It’s never easy switching between photo & video on the street. Can’t wait to see this camera in action tonight 🔥

  7. I’d love to hear about video settings and editing for Fujifilm. Glad you’re trying Lumix! Even their micro 4/3 stuff is underrated. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Straight up, since the days of the Canon 5DMK2…I had always been searching for a versatile camera that I personally felt comfortable shooting BOTH on. The S5ii is that camera. From the 5DMK2 all the way to the S5ii, I had never picked up ONE camera to do both.. It was always some mix + match combo of cameras to get it.

  9. Beautiful video. Content, cutting, grading, music choice – a joy to watch. Thank you! Had the S5II on the shortlist late last year, but in the end I chose to stick with the Sony E-Mount system. But if it hadn’t been that, I would have gotten the S5II. A beast of a camera.

  10. I was shooting on the Lumix S5 for close to a year before I made the switch the the Fuji XH2S; ironically because I wanted more out of taking photos than the video specs. Photos on the Lumix are great, especially whenever I went to monochrome. Seeing this makes me contemplate if I just waited for the S5ii instead of switching to Fuji but I don’t regret it at all!

  11. I’m looking into upgrading my camera this year to have more of a photo/video hybrid and a friend of mine has been telling me to consider lumix, this was super eye opening. Awesome video as always! And…as someone who also has sensitive hands, fingerless gloves are a game changer lol

    1. It’s got to be one of the best value for the money hybrid cameras available right now

  12. I have the S5ii and it is an awesome photo camera. I purchased it with the 20-60mm kit lens and the 50mm 1.8 lens also. I then purchased the 85mm 1.8 lens and am amazed with the photos. I am not a professional photographer, just a hobbyist who is trying to get better.

  13. I had the original S5, loved everything about it … except for the 2.4m evf so I sold it and picked up an S1. I preferred the size of the S5 and the colors as well (even though I only shoot raw). I rarely edited the colors, only small exposure and shadows/highlights; such a joy to work with.

    I tended to use the highlight priority photometry and either vivid or l. Monochrome d for 99% of my photos (same on the S1) and that worked exceptionally well for getting colors right in camera. I also set the AF button to autofocus “far” for when I wanted to shoot through a fence or other obstruction. I set the WB/ISO/Exposure Comp buttons to only work while holding them down -I found this to be the quickest way to adjust these settings without accidentally changing something.

    On all my previous and current Lumix cameras I turn off the right D-Pad button because I constantly bump it by accident. The up arrow is photometry, the left is monochrome evf mode and down is sometimes WB with the wheel around the d pad as the adjustment for the iso.

    Sorry for the long comment.

    I love your channel, especially the Street Study episodes! I’m excited to see what you do next!

  14. Hello Faizal👋! Thanks for this new video! I am shooting a S5 (I) for about one year now (besides my Leica M10-R) and actually I am impressed with it. The usability is great as well as the lenses are. I use it for streetphotography and for travel (took it two times to Japan last year🤩) and although it’s a little bit big it’s okay. Especially with the small and very well designed Sigma fixed focal length lenses of the so called contemporary i-series (I have the 24mm, 45mm and 90mm). The Panasonic lenses are a little bit bigger but they are pretty good, too.
    The only thing that bugs me a little bit is that Panasonic is leaning heavily towards the video crowd, and I am almost never using the video features. That’s why I don’t think about switching to the S5 II. It probably is a good photo camera, but psychologically it’s a showstopper for me that this camera is so video centric. But I would like to see more videos from you about your experience shooting the S5 II😉✌️👋!

  15. I was really close to buying S5 II before Christmas as there were crazy deals. For this price this is the best full frame system in my opinion. Mind blowing IBIS and AF is perfectly capable for most of the stuff. In the end I bought Canon R8 as I also got crazy good deal, even better than with Panasonic. Two main reasons for me were the size and AF for catching my running kids. I am sure Panasonic will improve their AF but I am disappointed that they are focussed on releasing those big chunky bodies and they do it even for micro 4/3. I would happily add G9X successor purely for travel but it seems this line is not in their interest anymore.
    Oh and by the way I would be interested in covering hybrid photo / video shooting topic by you.

  16. Been having Lumix for months now. I almost went copped a sony as a hybrid joint from Canon but doing my research on the Lumix…this baby checked off more than i anticipated not to mention the phase detection & aspect ratio choices, 6k open gate, plus a lot of cinema camera features.

    And the colors out of it are stunning. Glad i made the investment on this perfect hybrid beast for my personal work flow.

    Dope to see u using it, taking some great scenes here man!

  17. The color grading is amazing, i really hope you will share some of the tips in making such cinematic shots like yours.

  18. Definitely interested in a video on hybrid shooting. The great thing about the 6k open gate is you can shoot and frame in both 16:9 and 9:16 later. GH6 is my main hybrid camera and I can’t go back to no open gate. Perfect for shooting YouTube and Insta content at same time. I shoot with a an OM5 when I want smaller size/weight, but always miss the open gate.

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