Street Photography with the Nikon ZF

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Street Photography with the Nikon ZF

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  1. To my understanding, the body itself isn’t all brass its just the dials.

    1. Thanks for the correction! That’s surprising to me as the body is quite heavy. They definitely made it feel like it was!

    2. the top and bottom plates are brass as far as I know and not just the dials.

    3. @pradg7362  I’ve read somewhere it is only the dials. To make it more light and strong the top and bottom are made of a modern alloy.

  2. Like you say, it is a nice camera. I used to shoot the nikon f & f2. Thats why i got in to the fujifilm system. The tactile feeling you know. Thanks for not convincing me to sell my xt1, xe2s and xt5. Happy as it is. Great channel by the way. Grtz from Belgium.

  3. Great video and review of the Nikon FZ. Great shots. Seems a bit big for non-discrete street photography, I have done so little street photos, but when I did I used the smallest compact I had, people thought it was a phone and not a camera. Always great content and enjoy your candid experiences!

  4. All the feels at the end of the vid ❤. I have a 1 year old son who loves my XT5 and XT30. We got him a wooden camera to play with, and I hope that one day he’ll love photography as much as I do. Thank you, it would be cool to do a photo walk with your dad.

  5. This camera would have been sick if the top prism / viewfinder came off like the F2 / F3 for digital nostalgia and something different than a flip screen

    1. I mean the 907X tried it some people liked it some didn’t – it just would have been cool to see something different from Nikon since the Z pro bodies are so good. but I’m not sure if the community would have took to it to be honest -Now a few hours later I’m thinking they would have all wished for the flip screen rather than LCD Prism on the top hahaha expensive gamble. @@Reggiebphoto

  6. Hello Faizal, thanks for the new video! Actually, I was very tempted when this camer was announced. But, after holding it in my hands, I was kind of disillusioned. The Zf is quite big with the enormous Z-Mount, and – in my opinion – it’s just some kind of a regular Z6III in a little different dress. Additionally, like you, I don’t like the flip screen and the operating concept of the camera is a rather confusing mix of a PASM controlled camera with a “classical” operating concept with the dials. In my eyes the Fuji X-T line is much more consistent and easier to understand. So, yes, the design of the Zf is still tempting, but all in all it’s not the camera I hoped it would be.

  7. I learned to shoot on a Nikon FE and the Zf appealed to my nostalgia. I appreciate the screen because I can hide it completely and it assists me with low angle shots because of mobility issues making it hard to get low enough. I tried the XT5 but it felt awkward to me as the only Fuji I’ve ever shot was my XE4. All that said, someone asked me which I would recommend XT5 or Zf. When they said they usually shoot Fuji I told them to get the XT5 because they are used to Fuji.

  8. This camera looks amazing, I hope that one day they make a digital SP rangefinder-style camera with a full frame sensor

  9. I am in a similar position with a Nikon FM and a ton of F mount glass. I held off though until they produce a smaller 50mm lens, the 50 1.8 was too unwieldy for me. I did like the MF assist on the face punch in – really nice feature. If they bring out more compact lens I might make the jump from the x-pro 2

  10. I think the purpose of the flip out screen was to be able to hide the entire screen so we can get a more analog like feeling from the camera.

    1. More likely it is because they have this mechanism already manufactured in superfluous numbers. Redesigning it for photographers would cost them more 🙁

    2. @@synthesaurus the current nikon mechanism is the z8 z9 one which is much practical. It is probably made like this to resemble a film camera if you hide the screen.
      I really wish it was the z8, z9 type flip screen, but this will do too.

  11. I got a ZF with the 40mm lens, and I like it as a one camera, one lens setup. I thoroughly enjoyed using it on my recent trip. Having the Sony system as well, there is the ETZ adapter that allows ZF to use Sony E mount lenses with their autofocus. I might pick that one up to try using some of those sigma f2 lenses, which I think will be a good fit for the ZF.

  12. I hate flip out screens too but I guess when it is closed and the screen is reversed you can use it with the viewfinder only for that film camera-like vibe. You lose the benefit of the rear screen for low and high angle shots though. This camera would pair well with manual Z mount Voigtlander lenses to complete the manual ‘digital 35mm’ experience.

    1. Shooting from from the waist level is very practical. A xt5 type of screen is a must on photography focused camera ❤

    2. @@synthesaurus For the real 35mm experience you could shoot from the hip without a rear screen and hope for the best 😁😉.

  13. I think the idea behind the flip out screen is the ability to hide it completely. We all check that screen way too much sometimes. I personally like it, great camera.

  14. I have a Nikon Z5 with the 40mm f2 (not the retro design like you used) and love the combo. I wish I knew the ZF was coming before I bought the Z5 (since the ZF came out a few months later), and I would have enjoyed the body design and updated features, but I still love my camera and that 40mm f2.

  15. I own both the XT-5 and ZF.
    I am not sure how Nikon did this, but you get so much value for what you pay.
    The build quality is unbelievable, IBIS is mind blowing ( can easily shoot down to 1/2 sec), auto focus is super fast and is also equipped with one of the best FF sensors ever made for low light.
    Also, the 40 mm f2 really has quite some character that surprised me, where i initially thought i would replace it.

    Keeping the ZF and selling the XT-5 is a no-brainer for me, as you get so much more for your money, PLUS access to a ton of vintage lenses where can be used with the subject tracking MF.

    Carrying the XT-5 around with a fast prime (18 1.4/33 1.4) is pretty much killing the purpose of Aps-c compactness, while still not being even remotely close on auto-focus/IBIS/dynamic range.
    People saying that ZF offers nothing more than XT-5 have absolutely no clue what they are talking about.

    1. What did you mean when you said, ” subject tracking manual focus?” I haven’t heard of that before. Is it a Nikon thing?

    2. @@sarthusgaming3576yes there’s a new feature in the zf which uses the autofocus system in conjunction with manual lenses to make focus acquisition easier. You can have it auto confirm when you’ve locked onto an eye, for instance

  16. I love the flip out screen, because I flip it to the backside and just use the view finder. It’s brilliant.

  17. The reason they didn’t use F-Mount was because then the camera would no longer be mirrorless, and so there wouldn’t be a Zf to begin with. Also, the new Z series Nikkor lenses are optically superior to most of the glass from the F-Mount days.

    If one is looking for the proper manual focus experience for this camera, I wholeheartedly recommend checking out the Voigtländer Z series glass. You’ll also get your fully functional aperture dial on the lens as well. Nikon’s AF tracking function also works with manual focus glass on the Zf (industry first) and the yellow tracking box will even turn green for confirmation when you’ve achieve correct focus.

    Lastly, this camera has something called focus point sensor stabilization, where the IBIS system is biased towards wherever your focus is set. This is also an industry first.

    1. @@emmanouiltzavidas9119 Helps when you’re a Nikon shooter and already have a Zf. Which makes it a bit unfair, granted.

  18. I’m so happy to see you using this camera and making street photography videos! Since I sold off my a7M4 and pre-ordered this camera in October, I didn’t get it until mid-November. I love the body design and the black and white mode dial! And I’m with you on hating the flip-out screen design. Maybe that’s why I’m a fan of yours hahaha, same taste. But it’s a shame you’re not going to switch from Fuji to Zf, maybe it’s too heavy, like you don’t have to part with the whole Fuji system. Would you consider using the next gen Zf if it used a 42 MP sensor, changed the screen design, reduced the weight and kept the brass dials?

  19. I have a Nikon Nikomat, as well as an S3 2000 Limited Edition film camera. So, it is safe to say that I do like the Nikon “retro” aesthetics.

    I will most definitely be getting this Zf, along with 3 Zeiss Milvus lenses.

    I, for one, like that the camera is built well. I touched the Zfc and hated its cheap, light, awful build. I thought that it was a mortal sin.

    This Zf, on the other hand, inspires confidence. And I like that.

  20. Hi Faizal, the best part of this video is the part you talk about your father (you do it with your heart) and the gift he is going to receive. 😍
    I’m currently using the Zfc mainly cause I’m green no longer and my D800 is quite heavy to curry around. I’m quite satisfied with it but since the ZF came around I’m really tempted to go for it. One of the drawback is that (I’ve heard) this camera has no joy stick to move around the focus point. How do you find it. Can you explain how did you go around and if, for you, this was a problem? Thanks in advance

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