The 2022 ULTIMATE GoPro HERO 11 Accessories Guide!

for 2022. I have actually checked them all!
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Hero 11 –
SD Cards 128GB/256GB –
Authorities Battery –
Dual Charger w/enduro batteries –
3D Printed Battery charger holder –
Thumbscrew –
Thumbscrew aluminum –
Tripod Mount –
Vertical Mount –
ColdShoe Mount –
Screen Protector –
Travel Through Battery Door –

Suction Cup Mount –
Small Rig Magic Arm –
Dual Mount –
Bite Mount Features Floaty –
Chomps bite Mount –
Helmet Clamp Mount –
F38 Backpack Mount –
Head Mount –
Chest Mount –

Finest Little Tripod –
GoPro 3 Way 2.0 –
GoPro Volta
Undetectable Selfie Stick –
Manfrotto Pixie –
Floating Grip –
Small GorillaPod –
Micro Tripod –

GoPro MAX Lens –
GoPro Media Mod –
Rode VideoMicro –
OctoMask –


My Camera: Sony a7SIII –
My Picture Electronic camera: Sony a7IV –
PolarPro Pinnacle Base –
Joby Ballhead –
Main lens: 16-35mm –
All around lens: 24-70mm –
Long lens: 70-200mm –
35mm –
50mm –
85mm –
90mm –
Pocket camera: Sony ZV-1 –
The leather electronic camera strap:
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00:00 – Intro
01:02 – GoPro essential
05:10 – SPONSOR Surfshark VPN
06:39 –
16:50 – GoPro Perk ITEMS

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The 2022 ULTIMATE GoPro HERO 11 Accessories Guide!

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  1. Thank you for your vids! David you are my favourite YouTuber about GoPro equipment. Naturally and charismatic. Greetings from Germany🙃

  2. Ohh perfect timing…..excellent video, thank you. The insta360 pole… does it handle dips in the ocean? I need about a 1.2 m or so pole with a thread for a mini tripod.

  3. 3 girls… Congratulations 🎉. Same here 3 girls then decided for one more and finally got my son.
    Volta 👍🏽👍🏽 just got back from 1 day at Universal Studios Hollywood and 3 at Disneyland/DCA… Volta was definitely the way to go for extended power ⚡⚡⚡.

  4. I have a snap mount with the GOPRO to 1/4-20 mount. I’m actually looking for a new dashboard or windshield mount. Mine has seen batter days (got it with my 4) but everything I’m finding causes an obstruction to my field of view.

  5. You should try the replacement GoPro feet from Telesin. Same flipping down option but with an added 1/4 screw hole. I got that because of my MT-16.

    1. How is the magnet that holds the flip down feet up when not in use? I made a video on a set like that awhile back, but the magnets gave out on me over time and now the feet won’t stay up

    2. @David Manning I probably don’t use my GoPro as much as most people but so far they aren’t falling down. I just tired to shake it to death & they didn’t give out.

  6. Love the video as always David!
    Man for the diving mask 🤿 I bought a gopro to quick release mount so you can put the bite mount in. I’ll send you link! It’s awesome!

  7. I would personally make a few changes to this list…

    First, ditch the dual battery charger and get a Jeebel triple battery charger for $19 on Amazon. It’s flat instead of cube shaped so it stores better, it charges three batteries instead of just two, AND it works as a reverse charger so you can use it as a power bank when you have charged GoPro batteries in it.

    Second, instead of using the 1/4 tripod to GoPro mount adapter, buy the TELESIN Replacement Adapter Mount with 1/4 Tripod Connector. It replaces the flip out mounting legs on your GoPro with a piece that has a 1/4 tripod thread as well as the factory flip out mounting legs.

  8. Great video—And thank you to Jonathan for selling the 3D charger cover. I just bought one. Thanks!

  9. Another good one, David. I would argue that you should replace the Rode microphone with a DJI mic transmitter. Use the GoPro‘s built-in stereo mic for either ambience or scratch audio and use the audio captured by the DJI mic as your primary source. Of course, it’s more work and it’s more expensive, but the trade-offs work for me.

  10. I only get accessories that pass David’s reviews lol thanks for the video!
    Have you tried a dome for the half water/half above water shots? That’s probably one of my favorite accessory when in water!

  11. David, can you make a similar accessories guide video for Insta360 One X2/X3 as well please? It’s harder to know any good 3rd party accessories for Insta360 apart from what the official website offers.

  12. I think GoPro Ball Joint Buckle worth to mention in addition to what you already have. It’s a low profile super tight ball mount in case if one needs to set the camera in some weird angle, e.g. on a helmet or on that F39 backpack buckle to make sure that GoPro points straight forward instead of pointing slightly to a side.
    PS. Congrats on 300K+!

  13. We got caught out with the snapmounts. Got them after your recommendation but the plate for the media mod isn’t available in the UK. We use an external microphone all the time so it means the snapmount doesn’t work for us.

  14. Can anyone recommend a Dual Mount you can use WITH the waterproof case? All I find are dual mounts you can use without them. Too close together to use with the waterproof case

  15. Just placed an order for the 3D printed battery/charger holders. What a fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I swear one of my favorite accessory is the dome and it comes with a floty!

  17. Wow it feels so surreal to have my battery case featured on this video! Kinda in shock right now. Thanks David!

  18. Haha I’m glad you love the shirt! 😅 Looks kinda big tho, hope it fits 😁 I saw it somewhere right as you guys made the announcement and I just thought it was too perfect not to send you one! And thank you to Morgan for helping me set this up! PS: Thanks for the channel shout-out! 🥃

  19. Awesome video! Do you ever use any housings or cages? My 11 stays in the Ulanzi G9-14 because I am clumsy and when I go diving it goes into the GoPro dive housing.

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