The Best Camera That DOESN’T Even Work!

It loads, it clicks, it shoots, but it does not really take any pictures! Still, the LEGO ® Ideas Polaroid OneStep Cam is a professional photographer's (and non-photographer's) favourite non-functioning electronic camera.

Take a look at the LEGO ® Ideas Polaroid OneStep Cam set on

And likewise share your #NotShotOnLEGOPolaroidCamera snaps utilizing the sticker label.

The Best Camera That DOESN'T Even Work!

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  1. after what, pff I don’t know…10 years plus, I still get excited when I see a Kai video pop up

  2. gotta use Kai’s sword 😉 Have to go to Billund to use the 3rd picture… will TLG pay for a trip?

  3. Sometimes the best photos are the ones you didn’t take. They are never out of focus or incorrectly exposed. Zero cost to developing and printing. Great work, Kai! I wonder what Tony Northrup’s take on this Lego Camera will be?

    1. Photography is all about the experience. The photos don’t actually matter!

  4. AI has gone too far. There’s just too much processing, and the final image hardly looks real. I wish AI had never been implemented in traditional cameras.

  5. Aww, they really missed a trick- could easily have included a tiny digital camera sensor and lense, and a screen that popped out the front to show you what you just took a picture of whilst saving it to an SD card for download later. Someone should do that as a mod..

  6. Literally bought a week ago Poloroid 1000 with the Polatronic 1 for 50 quid in London on my visit

  7. what happened to kai’s hair, looks like a lego hair,
    gone are the good old digital rev days

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