The BEST GOPRO UPGRADE for Hero 9/10/11

For $20 you can enormously upgrade your Hero 9, Hero 10, or Hero 11 to a 4 in one mount that works with the DJI Action magnetic install. This thing broke my brain!

Falcam F22 To DJI Action Mount Base:
Assistance the channel and BUY SOME MERCH:

Main Video camera: Sony a7SIII –
Photo Electronic camera: Sony a7IV –
Finest Travel Tripod:
Vlog Tripod: PolarPro Pinnacle Base –
Vlog Tripod Head – Joby Ballhead –
F38 Quick Release Plate:



My Video Camera: Sony a7SIII –
Main lens: 16-35mm –
Favorite Lens: 24-70mm –
Best Travel Tripod:
Pocket video camera: Sony ZV-1 II -.
My Quick Release System:.
Mini Quick Release System:.
Backpack Clip:.

My Picture Cam: Sony a7IV -.
Preferred Lens: 24-70mm -.
Long lens: 70-200mm -.
35mm -.
50mm -.
85mm -.
90mm -.
The leather cam strap:.
— Usage Code "MANNING" for 10% DISCOUNT.

Insta360 ONE X3 -.
Quick Release Action Equipment:.

PO Box 2622.
Valley Center, CA 92082.

00:00 – Introduction.

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The BEST GOPRO UPGRADE for Hero 9/10/11

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  1. Now we just need Falcam to release something like this for the One RS…. maybe a cage that incorporates that all?

  2. Only if they make an adapter that works with the media mode… 😞 Love your videos mate!

    1. @Speak English With This Guy Heck, no media mod compatibility πŸ™

  3. You didn’t explore the 5th option for this mount: It is Arca Swiss compatible.
    I contacted Ulanzi and they didn’t confirm that it was waterproof.

    If you have the go Quick II system you still need to screw the qo quick plate which is not as versatile -you need to take the thumb screw and the Go quick II plate to mount on other type of mounts- like the 1/4” or Arca Swiss.

    If you have the F22 system then its fully compatible with F22, Arca Swiss , 1/4”.

    So in summary:
    If you have the go quick II mount system on your acessories this is not worth it.
    If you don’t have any quick release system, this could be an option.
    If you have the F22 system its fully compatible and a truly 5-1 mount like advertised.

  4. Do you apply the additional pad to the DJI mount for shakes or just keep it as it comes?

  5. Best accessory for sure. I wish all 3 companies add the 3-in-1 mounts on all their cameras.

  6. I’ve been trying so many different magnetic mounts, and this looks like it could be the one. I broke a Snapmount (the plastic snapped at the mounting point), the Ulanzi go quick was too chunky, I was about to try Fidlock’s new mount, but this really looks like the answer.

    Combine it with the Jeebel 3-battery charger with USB-C in and the ability to act as a power bank, and seems like third-parties have pretty much solved all of the ways DJI was ahead.

  7. What about the heat disipation? the main function of the retractable support in the gopros is to open a space to disipate the heat following the testers

  8. I need confirmation that this mount would work with the Hero 8! Edit: I don’t see why not as the hero 8 has the 4 screws under the feet as the other model.

  9. They actually make two different mounts. One has the F22 system mount and one does not. I own the one that does not and absolutely love it. There is one caveat though. You can only use the 1/4-20 screw when the GoPro is in the Media mod. Not a big deal, only something to be aware of.

  10. I just pray that the new GoPro will incorporate this magnetic mount into their future GoPro’s🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻

  11. Unfortunately the GoPro would not fit into the underwater case anymore. But other than this, great accessories

  12. wow nice! I do have the F38 quick release but that seems to be a bit limited. This is a great, probably best, acc for GoPro!

  13. I got this adapter a few weeks ago and like some others have already mentioned, it is not compatible with the Media Module. You can slip the Media Module on and use the fingers (it requires some finagling and manipulation) but you won’t be able to clip it into a DJI magnetic mount. That’s a pretty major drawback you failed to mention. I was pretty hyped about it up until I realized that was an issue. Oh, and there is two other tidbits you also don’t mention. For whatever reason, when locked in, it doesn’t sit as snug it does when using a DJI camera. When clamped on, there it jiggles around. Not a huge deal considering how well image stabilization is but it’s worth noting. This works only with the first iterations of DJI magnetic mounts that came with the DJI Osmo Action 2. It is not compatible with the Osmo Action 3 or 4 magnetic mounts.

  14. A bit tricky to use with the media mode and the dive case, but still a good accessory non the less. Thanks for showing this !

  15. That is pretty awesome that they thought of a way to make 4 different mounts fit into one. Definitely makes you wonder why other companies can’t figure that out.

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