the best KEPT SECRETS to get GREAT photo in BAD WEATHER

Discover the Ultimate Hack for Capturing Breathtaking Shots in Unfavorable Weather Condition! Join me on a Parisian experience where we defy the components to create art work of arts that might grace gallery walls. In this video, I start a challenge to recreate my finest work in the middle of tough climate condition. Discover the secrets behind winning structures and learn what it really requires to craft award-worthy photos. Do not miss out on this journey where imagination satisfies difficulty, exposing the concealed gems of in any weather condition. ✨ #PhotographySecrets #WeatherChallenge #fineartphotography

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the best KEPT SECRETS to get GREAT photo in BAD WEATHER

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  1. Hello Serge, I would like to thank you for the values you added to my photography. I met you 4 years ago. It made a great moral contribution to me during my asylum process in Switzerland. I see that their equipment has changed during this process. While you used to use more normal lenses, now you are using much more expensive lenses. Your old equipment gave me courage. Thanks

  2. Hello Serge!
    I’ve been watching your videos on YouTube for a long time. I learned a lot from you on how to process photos of cityscapes. Thank you for your positivity and love for photography.
    Unfortunately, there are not many such beautiful cities in the world as Paris, where a photographer can fully use all his skills.😊🎉❤

  3. Hi Serge, I may have missed but what is your go to f-stop on these types shots?

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