The End of Mail Time?

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Matthew Rygh – Sanctuary @matthewrygh

Jon Leach

Kaj O'Connell – An American Cloud
Note: Kaj's book is offered OUT! He is preparing for a reprint however the schedule is TBA. You CAN order prints from the book utilizing the above link.
Watch an interview with Kaj on One Month 2 Cameras

Jeff Larason – Sonder
Capture Jeff on his YouTube channel: The Crit Home

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Required a site?
0:00 Completion of Mail Time?
3:10 Matthew Rygh
5:23 Jon Leach
7:12 Squarespace – Build your website today
9:33 Kaj O'Connell
13:43 Jeff Larason

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Ted Forbes

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The End of Mail Time?

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  1. Amazing work again and you had me there for a second – glad you have big plans for this segment, excited to see where it might be going!

  2. I’ve been also shooting on “What I’ve got” Ted….I’ve got an Alaskan Glacier Cruise coming up in August “11-17th”, and 2 days at the end will be spend in the city of Seattle….I’ll be using a Nikon D5300 Red Body, with my Tamron 18-270 all in one lens …

  3. Enjoyed your presentation….thank you. Not surprised Kaj’s book is sold out: gorgeous work.

  4. When you “asked” us to subscribe to the mailing list, you were as convincing as my wife when she “asks” me to do something. I’ve therefore immediately subscribed.

  5. Excellent video. Now I am curious how you will continue the mail time videos.

  6. Outstanding photos! Thanks for showcasing them for us and thanks to the authors — you are such an inspiration.

  7. Please do not stop !! I really enjoy this format !! I look forward to these peak at people’s work 🙂 🙂

  8. I subd to the email list a while back. So far the mails have always been relevant, pertinent and thought-provoking. I’m not a fan or “more email”, but Friday isn’t Friday for me without a note arriving in my inbox.. Thank you for the effort and work that goes into them.

  9. As someone who has submitted 2 books, I would be happy with the pay-it-forward idea. Maybe a box/shelf in your reception with a note explaining what they are and that people can take them if you want.

  10. I was honored a couple weeks ago by your review and the wonderful comments and fair well presented critique. I look forward to what the future of the this format brings. The works you present are so awesome and many are moving. Each one presented is an educational experience.

  11. Those Olympus cameras used by O’Connell — the C5060, C7070, and E300 — they may be cheap older digital cameras, but I have the C5060 and E300, and they still produce surprisingly beautiful images that often need next to no editing in post. On a more general note, I really loved all the books you showcased today, Ted, and I very much agree with your feedback. Cheers! //Rick

    1. @Kaj O’Connell Oh! The man himself! Great photos, keep up the good work!

  12. Thank you so much for the feature, Ted! I seriously can’t thank you enough for all your work on this channel & for inspiring countless photographers. Feels so surreal!

    1. Thanks for sending Matthew – its awesome! I just put the purchase link in the show description. Sorry I slipped on that 😉

    2. @BillyPilgrimregardless of if you grab one or not, thank you. It’s a super special project for me so that means a lot

  13. Ted, an idea could be to ask Flickr to help you host photographs for viewers best shots or projects that they have been working on? This way you could still continue with this format but in an online environment?

  14. These videos have helped me create my own zine on NYC that I hope to send to you in the coming month. Thanks for making these!

  15. Just wanted to say that I learn a lot from your critiques and from seeing the work of photographers who I would otherwise never encounter. I’m sure that however this evolves will be great too, and you will bring us still more eye-opening experiences. Thanks for all you do.

  16. I have been into street photography for decades both academically and photographically. For me, the image on the cover of Sonder is incredibly unique. Most of us when looking at a specific genre of photography recognize images from a common perspective. For example, in street photography seeing darkened silhouettes of pedestrians against walls, etc is very common. But the image on the cover and better illustrated in the book is something I have not seen before, very special and original in my opinion. I have a habit of grading images when I see them, you know – grades A, B, C, D, F – and occasionally I hand out A+’s. The cover image of Sonder deserves an A++, very original (and we all know how hard it is to be original in photography).

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