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Chris, Evan, Nick, and Nathaniel Douglas – Route 66 Journey
IG: and

Holger Nitschke – Some Squares

Ricky Bolton – Chasing After the Sun IG: and

Tristan Harmsen – Twenty-Eight Days: My Time with A-Crew on the CCGS Griffon IG:

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The Art of Photography
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The great thing about Square Photos

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  1. Nice book Chris👌🏻…and Holger…..and Ricky……and Tristan…….Tks Ted🤘🏼

  2. I just wanted to say that your light is the perfect temperature. Just such a great warm tone to contrast against the black and white background. Always looks so good!

  3. My work as a painter and photographer is all square – and has been for decades. I discovered the square format through Gustav Klimt and others Artists of the Vienna Secession, established in 1898.

    I’m also a filmmaker, but square films look goofy. I might change my mind about that – but I doubt it.

    I recently became the owner of a hand-me-down Leica D-Lux Typ 109. I have it set to black and white – and square format, of course.

    Best wishes from Vermont ❄️

  4. Ted touches on one of the things I feel is my barometer for good photography… The desire to get out and make photographs myself. Sometimes great photography just makes you stop and think, “great picture!” Other times it makes me want to stop sitting in my office, grab my camera, and walk out the door! Awesome stuff here!

  5. If you go to the san Francisco MOMA, they have an excellent photography collection. And much of it is shot with a Rollei. the difference is Rollei is shot above waist high. A different look.

  6. After using a cheap Lubitel 6×6 TLR in the 90s, last year I finally got back to those but this time with Rolleicord Va from the 50s. It’s wonderful being on that square format journey again and looking at this work presented here from Holger

  7. Some great work. I thought that the images by Chris and the Douglas family were stunning!

  8. Holger is followed by me two maybe three years already. Love his work and taste.

  9. Nice work! I love the square format and often wonder how 35mm and 3:2 became the standard. I much prefer to shoot in 4:3 or 5:4

  10. A fabulous selection of books. Extremely inspiring. I particularly loved the trip across Route 66 for the touching story telling, the Squares book was amazing and moody, then the colour book was brilliant literally. However the Oscar goes the epic looks to camera on the Square Space advert!

  11. I just love your mail time videos. The work sent to you is generally very high and your comments are always insightful. It’s really interesting to see how powerful still imagery, presented in book form, can be in our video saturated world.

  12. Really interesting! Particularly the Route 66 book as used to drive it to and from college in the ‘60’s.

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