The Hybrid Camera for Photographers (Fuji X-T5)

The is plainly designed for professional photographers, but what I've come to discover is that it's the best hybrid photo/video camera for me. In today's video I go through my first impressions of using this camera for street .

All photos are edited with my presets:

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The Hybrid Camera for Photographers ( X-T5)

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  1. Esa cámara, o incluso la XT 1 son mi sueño, espero comprarla algún día, se que lo haré, pero por ahora me conformo con tus videos, thanks for uploading such good content

  2. Your reviews are always so well balanced and informative. And so much glorious photography!

  3. I don’t use touchscreens for cameras that have joysticks. I definitely use the touchscreen for focus point selection on my Ricoh, however.

  4. The X-T cameras feel so good in my hands! I’m still undecided between the X-T4 and X-T5, but certainly one of them will be my next camera purchase.

  5. I enjoy your videos. I’m primarily a prime lens photographer (16 f2.8, 23 f2, 35 f1.4), but when traveling with my wife and others, when I don’t have time to consider which lens I’ll use and change to, a ‘normal range’ zoom might be handy. I see you were using the sigma 18-50 f2.8. I was wondering what you think of it. It doesn’t have the aperture ring (which I would prefer), nor OIS (but I have the X-T5 that has IBIS). But it’s small, light, the price is right and has the constant 2.8 aperture. Any opinions? Thanks.

    1. I got the sigma purely for video and travel. I do wish it had the aperture ring but for the size and weight you can’t beat it when it comes to zoom lenses

  6. Nice video. I sold my X100V (which is a great camera) for the X-T5. I wanted to do a bit more video and feel it works great for my use. I have the 23mm F2 but find using the 27mm F2.8 WR perfect and still keeps that compact feel of the X100V. I also really like the 40mm equivalent focal length.

  7. Great Video Faizal! On a side note, how do you feel about the Sigma 18-50? I’ve been thinking about getting one for my XT5 as the only zoom lens I have is the 16-80, but would like something with a lower f stop.

  8. great video! what camera did you shoot this with? did you crop or use an open gate mode for the 4:3 video?

  9. Hey Faizal! Absolutely loved this video! Agree with a lot of your views. I do have a question though but about that sigma 18-55 2.8 I’m curious what lead you to use that over lenses like the 18-55 (kit) or the 16 -55 (red badge). and mostly how you like it! I’ve been considering upgrading my 18-55 for quite some time

  10. Good video! The only issue I take with your comments is about street photography. I’ve been a street photographer for over six years and using the XT4, I can tell you the lens makes a very big difference when photographing people. The older lenses left me wanting in their hunting and the unsharp images. And believe me, I have tried every combination imaginable to get my images sharp.
    So upgrading to the new 18 1.4 and 33 1.4 was an absolute joy, as my percentages went up bigtime on getting sharp images!
    Older lenses I had to use limit focus and still deal with slower focus problems. 🖖

    1. To each their own! The 33 might be an exception since that lens is rather compact too. I just personally never felt the need to have more image quality than the images I’ve been able to get 🙂

    2. @Faizal Westcott
      I have no problem with the image quality, my main concern is focus! 🖖

  11. Wow… I don’t know how I haven’t come across your channel before but I’m so grateful that I did just now… the quality of your content is so good! The B-roll in this video and the way you edited it with the square format, the melody behind and your calm demeanour… I was hooked from the beginning and I can’t believe how fast those almost 15min passed. Great work! New sub, all the love from Scotland!

  12. Great to see someone celebrating the video specs of the X-T5. Most reviews dismiss them, despite the increased video spec over the X-T4 which was celebrated as a true hybrid when it was released.

    The reduction in the 4k 60p crop, addition of 4:2:2 10bit, flog 2, 240p and improved stabilisation, make it a very strong video or hybrid option.

    1. Yeah I think people just assume it’s only a photography camera, but if you do video second to photo it’s a great hybrid for it

  13. Just bought an X-T4. My first intro to the Fujifilm Ecosystem. Arrives Monday. pumped. I had the Sony a7iii before and I agree, shooting images on it just wasn’t my favorite and I was honestly bored with it. Great camera… just lacking flavor in my opinion in stills AND video tbh. Thanks for helping solidify my move even more with this perfectly timed video lol

  14. Hi Faizal, love your video man! 🙌🏻 i was wondering what brand of the lens hood that you use with the 35mm? it looks sick man! love from Malaysia! ✊🏻

  15. this has got to be some of my favorite work of yours! both in stills and video. keep it up man you inspire me!

  16. YES. Was waiting for this one, Faizal. Just sold my X-Pro2 and got my X-T5 to get a little more hybrid

  17. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Faizal. I’m considering getting an xt5. The xt3 was such a nice camera for me but I figured I wasn’t using it to it’s full potential, so I got the xe4 (which is a great camera of course). Now that I’m doing more photo and video combined, I kinda want something more secure. Maybe I’m going to pick one up, but time will tell. Looking forward to the video about how you set up your xt5

  18. When it comes to EVF, the XH2 shines 🙂 I had all the X-Ts but I dont miss the dials any more. If you cant see the dials (night shooting) it doesnt make fun anymore. So I placed the function on the wheels when I had my XT3. And now with the XH2 I dont have to change my workflow with the camera.

  19. I thought I wouldn’t need the new 33mm f1.4, but after trying it, the speed and image quality improvements are undeniable compared to the older generation of Fuji lenses. The size difference to me isn’t a problem if it means getting more shots in focus at the end of the day 👍🏼

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