The Leica Q3: Street Photography First Impressions

The uses a new and refreshed look at 's Q series. Here are my first impressions.

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0:00 – Intro
2:08 – Tilt Screen
4:08 – New 60MP Sensor
8:35 – Updated EVF
9:33 – New Button Design
10:09 – The 28mm Lens
11:01 – Battery Updates
12:28 – A couple of more things

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The 3: First Impressions

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  1. Finally got the x100v and am ready to relearn the basics of photography. Thanks for all the great content and it’s been awesome to see you grow!

    1. Same here. Was quite advanced once but photography is definitely not like riding a bike. Too many options now 😅

  2. Love the tilt screen! but I was hoping for 35mm or even 40mm lens.
    I’ll wait 🙂

    1. Yes great camera but 28mm is too wide for me, I prefer 35mm for my photography. Crop are great but it’s just a crop not real 35mm

  3. Love it when you make gear videos bc yours are so much better than other reviewers

  4. The tilt screen looks well engineered. Instead of 2 struts, from your video, I can see one strut the width of the entire tilt screen. This prevents jams and no worries of one strut bending & breaking and the other being ok.

  5. You are 100% in your zone again. Even your equipment reviews are the same chill tone of your regular travel videos. I totally love it. You are one of the top channels I get excited for when you drop a new video. Thanks and keep them coming!

    1. glad you enjoyed it! I try to make gear videos entertaining as they’re usually pretty boring

  6. Awesome review Faizal!

    How usable would you say those crop modes are when comparing to say a 26mp Fujifilm? I use a X-E4 and a 18mm F2 and 35mm F1.4. Wondering if the crop mode would match the 35mm F1.4 for detail. The math says one should get just over 15mp at 50mm crop with around about an F3.4 equivalent depth of field.

    What do you reckon, will it match, fall short or out perform the X-E4 with the 35mm F1.4 for detail? Depth of field would obviously fall short by a bit more than a stop.

    Anyway, looking forward to the photo-walk video.


  7. As much as I like the improvements in the auto focus especially, and the tilt screen, viewfinder.
    The main issue for me is you still can’t get the separation from a digital 28 mm that you can with the actual primes in equivalent focal lengths. This stands out a lot in some of the images you took. For me I’ll stick with my primes. Plus I can buy a Fuji XT5 and get three major primes and still have money left over. 🖖

  8. the tilt screen is pretty crucial especially for ppl like myself who love taking those ‘low to the ground’ shots and also shooting from the hip

  9. Best Q3 video I’ve binged today. So much so, I dropped the ~$7k all-in to purchase one; and the crazy thing, this is my first non-iPhone camera 😂

  10. Glad I just found your channel. Way too many (stills) camera reviewers out there who showcase uninspiring images. You’re a breath of fresh air.

  11. It sounds like there are some great updates to this camera. I agree on the flip screen, I do like how Fujifilm designed that in the X100V.

    Great job on yet another video.

  12. That’s a really gorgeous camera strap! Is this the official one from Leica – or an independent brand?

  13. I would absolutely kill for a Leica Q3 with a fixed 50mm lens. That would be a game changer, in my opinion.

    Every time I handle a Q2, I fall in love. That is, until I look through the viewfinder and see the focal length. I shoot with 50mm exclusively, and 28 just does not work with me. Please, Leica, I beg of you…

  14. i think especially now with social media and the possibilities to see so many artists it’s really exciting to have someone to follow who’s visual story telling and also just photography in general just speaks to me 🙏 love the review and so earned!!

  15. Hey Faizal! Nice video again. Did you add grain in the ISO100 images? Or is this SOOC? Just asking because they seem quite grainy on my screen. Cheers! D

  16. Faizal, thank you very much for this review! I have one more question (couldn’t find any details in the official specs): what is the maximal image resolution when shooting with digital zoom (eq. to 35, 50, 75 and 90mm)? Thanks!!

    1. It’s mentioned in the specs that digital zoom (crop) for 35mm is approx. 1.25x, for 50mm – 1.8x, for 75mm – 2.7x and for 90mm – 3.2x. It means that the resolution for 35mm should be 48MP, for 50mm – 33.3MP, for 75mm – 22.2MP and for 90mm – 18.75MP. Can you confirm it? )))

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