The Lens that Changes the GR IIIx

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The for the is an interesting addition to anybody's package. What are your thoughts on teleconversion lenses?

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The Lens that Changes the GR IIIx

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  1. Interesting video, but I don’t really see the point in this lens, especially with the significant additional cost. I think it would’ve made more sense for them to have a wide angle adapter for the GR3X (I know this is available for the standard GR) and I think would make more sense as most people use it as a straight camera and with the GR3X, I often wish I had a little bit more width to play with. For me, the reason I bought the GR3X was for it to be a pocketable “every day camera” so I’ll just stay with it as it is, but thanks for the overview anyway – Peter

    1. I think it makes sense, if you own only one camera it can be fun to experiment with longer focal lengths

  2. Now everybody on youtube will forget the too bulky argument about Fuji x100 TCs and praise this thing.

  3. Digging the content. You rekindled my passion for photography. Thanks!!

  4. Thanks for sharing this! Interesting info and thoughts on the cost/weight and image quality implications of using the teleconverter. I really en joyed these photos – you gotta love that low winter sun!

  5. For me, this defeats the purpose of the GR3, that being it’s the best truely pocketable street camera out there (imo). However, that’s easy for me to say as I also have an interchangeable lens camera for when I need something different and if you aren’t in the fortunate position to own more than one camera, then this lens makes sense

  6. You should try street photography in Montreal in the summer the results would be amazing!

  7. Great video! Been using my GRIIIx for about a month now and love the way it handles with one hand. Eventually I will pick up this teleconverter just for the option of having more reach.

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