The most important lens Sony has made

This might just be the most innovative lens we've seen in twenty years from any electronic camera manufacturer. Sony has hit it out of the park with this essential zoom lens. This is quickly the most flexible lens produced by any manufacturer.

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The most important lens Sony has made

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  1. Very cool! Shame it needs a teleconverter for that 1 to 1 macro. I would rather carry a small macro lens instead. I think it’s exciting because it could mean Sony is about to take a leap out of canons book and develop some really cool lenses.,

    1. 1:2 is still impressive. I had Tamron 28-200 which has 1:3,1 and for my occasional macro needs was perfect.

    2. I also think 0.5 isn’t bad. I’d look at it as a “normal” lens that can get quite close. I recently bought a used SAL 70-400 that has 0.27 and that’s already a lot of fun.

  2. Thanks for the great review. The weight of this lens makes it intriguing to me from a landscape photography/backpacking/hiking photography standpoint. Having this telephoto along with the 24 1.4 would open up a ton of new possibilities for me. If I remove my lightweight camp chair, I’d actually save weight for me 😁

    1. Last year I added a foldable camping chair to my kit when I go cycling with my tent 😀
      Weight is less of an issue on a bike compared to hiking.
      You could combine this lens with the Sigma 24/3.5 that is slow but also has 1:2 macro.

    2. @Jochen Kraus I like your thinking here. I should probably just take both, honestly. The chair i have is 2lbs. I like the 24 1.4 for Astro, though. I really want the 16-35mm II to get released. That lens with this 70-200 would be solid.

  3. The Nikon (Tamron converted) 70-180 2.8 does X.49 reproduction without a converter and is 1:1 with the converter – and it is a 2.8 lens. Also, the Nikon lens does not look to be much bigger than this f/4 Sony lens.

  4. With so many advances that Sony has made in terms of lenses, zooms and primes, there is still no true and up-to-date lens for travel and landscape photographers. It’s up to you youtubers to make this reference and not just praise another 70-200. The weak Sony 24-240 is 10 years old and apart from the Tamron 28-200 there is nothing of its kind on the FE market, it’s a shame, because it is already possible to manufacture something really good. An experienced photographer knows how to use a superzoom and will not feel ashamed to use and value it.

  5. This reminded me of the Vario-Sonnar 80-200mm f/4 in Contax/Yashica Mount, which had always been praised for its close focus ability. So I checked, and found out that it focused down to 1m throughout the zoom range — not bad at all. THIS new lens, though, focuses down to 0.089m (!), which is insane!

  6. Hm, that’s f/8 for the 1:1 because of the teleconverter 😞 
    I am a bit surprised why Sony was not able to bring the lens close to 1:1 without a TC. Nikon did it decades ago with their legendary AF-D 70-180mm f/4.5-5.6,
    Your general thoughts are right, this is a damn useful lens for macro and landscape fotographers. But I doubt that many people will buy it due to its high price, Nikon sold about 20,000 lenses.

  7. Great presentation as always, but about the topic … so many 70-200 and not a single 200 mm prime.

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