The most Versatile Camera Ever made?!? The new Insta360 X3 is awesome!

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Insta360 has announced their most versatile action 360 camera to date featuring 360 5.6 K video, 2 single lens 4k video modes, the all new me-mode, unbelievable image stabilization, 8k Timelapse mode and far more.

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The most Versatile Camera Ever made?!? The new Insta360 X3 is awesome!

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  1. Seems like every “influencer” is hawking this camera today. Gordon Laing, iJustine, the Verge etc.

    1. If you record 360°, you can track everything in post. The software allows to frame an object and tracks it. The results are very wide angle. Don’t expect it to be able to deliver good results from a soccer game when you not very close to the action.

  2. Un detalle todos subieron su análisis el mismo día.
    A la misma hora
    La misma marca
    La misma cámara.
    Que casualidad.

    1. Es muy común que las compañías embarguen los videos hasta una fecha/hora determinada. Lo hacen para evitar que salgan detalles sobre el producto que la compañía misma aun no haya anunciado oficialmente.

  3. Scratching the lens if you use it in 4k normal mode would be my biggest fear

  4. Interesting though not something I would need as I don’t create content for the internet.

  5. Very cool! I can really see myself using this to capture video for my sailing adventures. Question … how is the recorded sound? I’m currently using the GoPro Hero 4 with the wind and waterproof Sennheiser MKE 2 Elements action mic. That microphone is really good even in wet and windy conditions. Is an external microphone (preferably wind and waterproof) an option with the Insta360 X3 camera? PS: Meanwhile … the Fujifilm X100V that I ordered 6 months ago finally arrived … it’s is an awesome little camera!!

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