The Nikon Z8 is better than you think! (hands on preview)

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Today Nikon has released the brand name brand-new Z8. Basically a mini Z9 at a lower cost point and a couple of brand-new features. This camera is most likely one of the best worth's of any video camera presently on the marketplace. It includes a 45.7 megapixel, stacked-cmos sensor that can record images blackout free at burst speeds of 20 fps raw, or 30fps/120fps JPG. It shoots 4k video up to 120p and 8k video up to 60p in N-Raw. The camera includes 2 USB ports for synchronised power shipment while linked to a network. And it comes in at a rate point lower than the Z9.

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The Nikon Z8 is better than you think! (hands on preview)

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  1. It looks great. I wonder how it performs with adapted F mount glass. I think I will be buying this 🎉😊

  2. I loved the sample images of your presets. Just beautiful. I think the Z8 is precisely what so many hoped it would be, echoing the the D850’s position vis a vis its big brothers. As always, Nikon appears to have kept the controls and basic ergonomics uniform with the Z9, which was already familiar to DSLR users. It also reinforces the convenience for those seeking a second body alongside their Z9. This was well worth the wait!

    1. The D850 was the high resolution option compared to the D5/6 bodies. If the same formula was maintained the Z8 should be 80mp+.

  3. The price is not unreasonable assuming it is as marked. Tbh the z7ii gives me everything I want from photography point of view, but the video resolution on this supporting 8k, makes it “a want to have camera”.

  4. I was just having the same conversation with my friend about the electronic shutter sound. Nikon should give an option to at least change the shutter sound. Maybe offer classic Nikon shutter sounds like an F3, F100 and D3x shutter sounds. It’s a weird thing to consider but it makes it more fun to use.

    1. I on my end would love that and to be able to turn on a feature to have a split second blackout of the EVF…
      Also… I’ve always loved the split glass focus ring, would love to have that as well, even if it’s just software.

  5. I actually do like the form factor of the Z9, but are there features offered with the Z8 that are not available in the Z9, I would be happy to add a grip if the camera itself offers better performance for wildlife, lanscapes and sports or image quality for portraits, product photography, or in high contrast environments

  6. The form factor alone will have me ordering the Z8. I really miss the grip on the D850

  7. On the shutter feedback issue – I have the Z9 and have learned to turn on the “cartoon” sound – great label btw – when I am doing portraits or model shoots. Models have learned to change their poses after they hear the sound of the shutter. If you are in silent mode they have no idea what is going on. Conversely when shooting wildlife I always shoot in silent mode, so as not to disturb my subjects or if someone is shooting video right next to me. As with all things technical it is something to learn to work with.

  8. Thanks for the great preview!

    I’m a bit confused on one point though. HLG is not something you’d have in a RAW file, it’s a transfer function which can encode HDR content in a processed image (rather than tone mapping to SDR).

    I assume you mean the camera offers an HLG HEIF option, right? Or are you saying there is something unique about the actual RAW / NEF capture?

    1. why not go on the Nikon page and check it there? It’s really not too hard. But nice that you left a comment… Questions like this just always facepalming me.

    2. @Baris Yener It’s not a simple question. There’s a lot in there. If you aren’t familiar with how HLG works, I can appreciate this might sound like some lazy question, it isn’t. I’ve been going back and forth with an expert who has one of these in his hands and this setting has a variety of implications. This isn’t stuff that will show on Nikon’s site or in their manuals, it’s deeper than most people understand.

  9. Wouldn’t haptic feedback remove one of the advantages of an electronic shutter – shutter shock?

    You get visual cues that you’re taking a shot in the EVF if you choose to shoot completely silent, which should be adequate.

  10. As someone who is primarily focused on autofocus performance for wildlife (and not video at all), it would be awesome to have a clear comparison between this, the Z7II as well as the alternatives from Sony / Canon. 

    As it stands, I am planning to stick to my D500 and Z7II indefinitely.

    1. I have z6ii(identical af as z7ii) and z9(same af as z8). The AF is night and day difference, especially on animals. The new AF has pretty good hit rate with flying birds, and if you dont mind jpg, you can use pre-release mode to capture a bird takeoff momemt after it already happend.

  11. Going for it! As a D850 user who went for the mirrorless looking to be more light, I have been waiting for this camera since the Z7 hit the market. Excellent camera, beautiful price. Thanks for sharing your experience. BTW going for your presets too.😉

  12. Interesting comparison also would be with the mini-medium format options also in the $4k price range-both camera performance and lens ecosystem. Long lens stuff is an obvious advantage, but portrait/travel/landscape/etc it feels very interesting.

  13. I’ve been shooting with my d850 since the day it came out. I was waiting on this Z8 with great anticipation! Im not disappointed at all, I actually already placed an order to get it 🙂

  14. I would love to have haptic feedback as an option for any camera when using the electronic shutter. Why is it so hard to bring this tiny improvements?

  15. Absolutely a magnificent camera. I shoot Fuji (long travel), Nikon (portraits) and m43 (when traveling with motorcycle). I migt decide to sell some and purchase this one. Good review.

  16. I was all in until I heard that the grip is more like the Z6/7 than the Z9. I really have a problem with the ergonomics of the existing Z6/7 I or II bodies, they just don’t fit well in my hand. I was almost determined to save up for a Z9 after hearing this; however, I decided to wait until I have my hands on one and see how comfortable it is for me.

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