The One Trick to Instantly Improve Your Composition

Your is the best tool you have.

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The One Trick to Instantly Improve Your

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  1. Awesome video. I remember stumbling upon you more than year ago and redescovering you only a few months ago and I have to say your photography has improved dramatically and now you’re a big inspiration to me. Thank you.

  2. Really good and interesting tips, I really like those kinda of composition.

  3. I started doing photography about two years ago, I thought that at some point I’ll be far past this chapter and I wanted to document this moment in my life. Now I’m sixteen still shooting and my photos have changed so much but I don’t really know what I changed about my photos they just got way better. From shooting double wides and walks down the train tracks to under highway bridges and lakes we don’t have permission to swim in. My photos have told a story that I’m glad I took the time to take, edit and enjoy. Your work has 100% helped me with my work. You changed the way I approached work thank you for that! Love your channel!

  4. This was super helpful to see how you go about adding layers! I love using elements in a scene to frame subjects. When it works out it’s so rewarding.

  5. Framing is the new Bokeh, actually I have always loved framing. Vermeer’ paintings art are full of it. Some great photos here. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Using the foreground to create depth is an amazing tip. I’ll definitely try it in my next photo walk! Thanks for sharing great tips👍🏻

  7. The photography channel that is actually about photography, something rare on youtube, thank you so much Faizal. This was beautiful and humble. 💙

  8. This is really eye opening! I will definitely practice this technique in the next year.

  9. Adding foreground elements is one thing I’ve realised I struggle with most in my photography videos. Yet it’s probably the most important rule to create depth and interesting images.

  10. These videos are allways so calming. The photos , the music , the B-roll footage it just works so well. Great tips aswell , ive learned a lot from this channel.

  11. Brilliant piece of advice and presentation, on a pedagogical level, you’re a natural. And what a pleasure to see more of your amazing pictures in which you include the effects of reflexions in such a creative and skilful manner, simply brilliant! I have a nag, though: at T 05:00 you talk about focal lengths, and I don’t clearly understand the expression you’re using. It sounds like “wonder focal length”, but it can’t be that; it’s not in line with your style. It could be “one-gear focal length” or “one dear focal length”, but neither really make sense to me. Any suggestion? – Added: Oh, I think you might be saying “longer focal lengths”, but still not sure…

  12. Great video, I think this is one of your best! Really makes you want to go out and shoot right now to get more creative with composition.

  13. How much of these photos are ~50 and how much 75mm? Especially in part about reflections.

  14. Goddammit Faizal, in the recent time you seem to have such an amazing streak with your creative output. The photographs really have your handwriting and in the last weeks I have just been watching your content, gazing at the excellence of your work. Us artists all know there are highs and lows when it comes to creativity and you definitely outdo yourself at the moment. Those times are the ones lighting up our passion. They should be enjoyed and appreciated.

  15. I love using the glass as a foreground element but on the other photos all I see is artifacts blocking the view.

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