The PERFECT way to lay out a Photography Book

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Schedule design for a picture book is an art unto itself. One viewer sent in one of the most best examples I've seen for the method a book ought to be done including the pacing of the photos within.

0:00 Appearance by Ole Christiansen
2:14 Dear PVD by Rafael Medina
4:50 Build your site with Squarespace
6:26 Portfolio by Gabriel Barnett
10:29 Type and Function by

Ole Christiansen
Rafael Medina
Gabriel Barnett
Lino Giangiordano

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The PERFECT way to lay out a Photography Book

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  1. I would like to make a photo-zine, but my photos aren’t so coherent. Mostly, I shoot what I see and don’t go out with a purpose. But more and more I think I should give purpose so at the end there is a story.

  2. Great video Ted… that I live in FW, your my local favorite on here…. Be Well and have a great Thanksgiving….a bit gloomy in FW today….but hey…

  3. I really enjoyed these book/photo reviews. The photographers should be proud of the work they have done. That beard fits you although I don’t know how much you’ll like it once that Texas heat start cranking up again.

  4. I love this series as I am continuing to get ideas on how to lay out my first zine🙏🏼

  5. From one beard brother to another, I love the beard. It’s interesting to see how people play with the different spreads. I personally love full spreads because I want the full impact of the photo. But I also enjoyed how the white space draws the viewer’s eye to the image. Reminds me of a matted frame and gives me something to think about on future projects.

  6. I love your book reviews and critique and your awesome beard. Have a nice day.

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