The Problem with Cliché Photos

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The Problem with Cliché Photos

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  1. I look at photography in 2 ways, 1: the art of photography: the taking the time to think about compostion, theme, subject, light, colour…etc. 2: the causual photo, Capturing the moment, recording history, family pictures, events. Both are valid and both can blend together. As photographers we do bring our personalities and vision to every photo. Art will always be subjective. We the creative people are there to capture it and share it! The I have seen that picture before 100,000 times before is niave and prevents us from just enjoying what we do. Always strive for better but in the process enjoy what you are doing! Thanks for the content on this channel and for sharing your photographic journey!

  2. Great thoughts! It’s not a cliche to you when you experience it for the first time.

  3. There’s no communication with the audience through a cliche pic, it doesn’t show your unique observation of the world.

    You said what I felt, in those perfect spots I will hesitate to take pictures, but seize the moment with my own eyes.

  4. Cliche refers to pictures that are taken the same way they are often taken — like reflections of a building on a pool of water, a subject emerging from the shadows, a hobo in a street corner, a skateboarder in mid-flight, customers of a cafe, pedestrians reflected on the mirror of a shop, a closeup of a wall — the stuff you often find in submissions to street photography sites. I think no one will take it against you if you take a picture of a pretty, Hallmark card-like scene. Feel free to do so. But if you consider yourself a STREET PHOTOGRAPHER, then perhaps you have to take pictures that tell a story or invite the viewer to pause and think about what is going on. Moments that allow you to do that don’t come very often, but when they do and you are able to snap an image of it in the best possible way, it’s worth all the miles of walking and searching, I think.

  5. What is cliché? Photograph whatever makes you happy and give it your own character. Then a cliché image becomes personal and different. Nice one!

  6. I really like the way that you layer the scenes it gives it more meaning. Your layers adds texture to the story cheers

  7. Always appreciate your episodes, this one was like listening to your journal entry in your personal diary.

  8. First time watching a video of yours: well done, I like your insight, you have a new subscriber.

    Clichés are clichés for a reason, they are what catches most attention, maybe a first glance, or something that is obvious. No shame in making those kinds of photographs. I get the sentiment of everyone being able to make such a photograph and that you strive to do something different, something that hasn’t been done (often). Variations on a theme, trying to look the other way on purpose etc are all good exercises to go beyond the first glance. It’s up to each person to decide how far you want to take it and when you are satisfied.

  9. as long as the cliches contain beauty there are no limits suggest 🙂
    awesome shots!

  10. Thank you for the brain dump, its good to see that other people have similar issues/thoughts how ever you want to call them. Awesome to see Venice being your last photo stop, was photographing there one week ago, still have to publish my photos, check my work out if you have the time!

  11. Don’t be afraid of the cliché. Embrace it, as long as it gets the creative juices flowing and allows you to create your own vision. Beautiful light, beautiful pics!

  12. I loved this video! I haven’t been to Venice yet but to some other parts of Italy and it’s the shapes you’re talking about that always catch my interest. When travelling there will always be some “cliché pictures” – sometimes for the sole purpose of documentary. Sometimes because the sheer beauty of a place captures my interests. I find the real art is in sequencing and editing later to finish the series of images and sometimes I do reach for the cliché photos.

  13. I love how introspective and open you’re being in this video. When you were talking about your thoughts on why you made this video, my take on it is; I would have used making this video as a tool to better understand my own thoughts and perspectives on a topic like this. Thanks for the good watch

  14. Love vibe and feel of this video. We all been through a time when we questioned the meaning of photography or even bigger, our lives. But seeking for a purpose that we believe in is exactly what we do most of the time.

  15. Hello Faizal! I loved your reflections, very much in agreement with your vision, personally I believe that there must be a place for everything in our photography, sooner or later we will always fall into some cliché photo, and I think that it is more than justified when it comes to something beautiful, and if You can’t be too creative, one will be in more favorable opportunities, great video and nice photos as always, greetings!

  16. It’s a classic photographer’s dilemma. My take on this is if the scene you’re about to photograph can be found on Google images multiple times then don’t bother taking the picture. Of course there’s a desire to make a personal record of something that may have been documented many times before, but in the long term it’s far more satisfying to capture beauty that you find in the undiscovered and the overlooked.

  17. I think as photographers we see things different from other people. Someone told me that you can see Venice in 4 hours and done. So I went for 4 days and when I was there I thought “oh my god I could spend a lifetime in here and don’t even see everything”. Every detail of Venice it’s delightful. Enjoy your stay as much as you can!

  18. This was great, these reflections on to your craft area really interesting. I’d love to see you reflect on a set of shots you get in a given day. Thank god its not lofi hip hop beats and 85mm portraits of young women.

  19. I feel the same sometimes… specially in very turisty places like Venice, it’s hard to break from the cliché photos, so i take a couple and then move on to some more creative compositions. There’s nothing wrong in taking photos for the memories and the beauty of the place.

  20. What a great video. Just came back from Rome/Florence / Venice and I had the same unfulfilled feeling.

    Thank you for articulating it so well

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