THEY SENT ME EVERYTHING – Falcam F22 Quick Release System

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Falcam F22 System –
Falcam F38 System –
System –

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My Video Camera: Sony a7SIII –
My Image Electronic camera: Sony a7IV –
Finest Travel Tripod:

PolarPro Apex Base -.
Joby Ballhead -.
Main lens: 16-35mm -.
All around lens: 24-70mm -.
Long lens: 70-200mm -.
35mm -.
50mm -.
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90mm -.
Pocket electronic camera: Sony ZV-1 -.
Backpack Clip:.
The leather electronic camera strap:.
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GoPro Hero 11 -.
My GoPro devices -.
Insta360 ONE X2 -.
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PolarPro Apex Base -.
Joby Ballhead -.
BEST Travel tripod -.
My studio light -.
Studio soft box -.

PO Box 2622.
Valley Center, CA 92082.

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  1. Very cool almost like Christmas with all those goodies. Can’t wait for part 2

  2. Been using these quick release system for a while now, I love it! I even use this to mount my phone when im in the car. It’s like playing legos with cameras,the possibilities are just endless 😎

  3. Love it, man! I got a bunch of Falcam stuff based on your advice about 6 months ago, and just got back from a 4-month round-the-world trip with my family, using ALL of it the entire time. The stuff never broke, gave out, loosened… it’s been great. Thanks for the suggestions!

  4. I have so much Arca Swiss and Peak Design kit. It’s going to cost me a fortune to switch. Thanks, I guess….. 🙃

    1. If it helps, the F38 plates are also arca Swiss compatible. So you can keep any of your current arca Swiss tripods, but just switch to the F38 plates and slowly build up your quick release kit👍

  5. I use and love the Falcam system – which I first learned about from your channel. Given that you use lots of 1/4-20 mount cameras along with action cameras, I’m surprised you have never switched out the stock GoPro feet with the $15 adaptor that has both a 1/4-20 screw mount and the foldable GoPro tabs. They make the falcam system even simpler to use.

    1. I’m pretty certain they’ve been talked about before in another video

  6. Love the falcam stuff….they were very nice at the NAB booth. I want to switch to all f38 quick release, plus the mag straps all the way….all the way.

  7. David Manning at a candy store, lol. Heck, this is David Manning at Disney World. Love the enthusiasm.

  8. Hi DAvid… love your videos and info like always… just ook a look at thier stie and found a great camera strap system… kep up the good work

  9. You gotta make another video about whether there’s a way to get one of those cages on a capture clip!

  10. That looks so awesome! I recently bought a few camera quick release mounts from Ulanzi and I love them. I wish I had known about Falcam earlier since the mount seems more compact than Ulanzi’s.

  11. Can’t get another system, it’s gotten too crowded. ULANZI Hummingbird is my last quick mount for a while lol

  12. I love the system and have it on everything. Only thing I hope they release is a mini selfie stick with F22. Like the GoPro one.

  13. Feel like this is an incomplete video even if you have a 22 and 38 opening box, we would love som e testing!!

  14. I love their F22 system. They have ones that aren’t even in their activewebsite , but these pop up occasionally locally and they are incredible !!!! Check out their F22 clamps !!!!

  15. Is the f22 narrow enough to go on a Gopro max without disrupting the invisible selfie stick? I’d like a quick release system that I can use for all Gopros

  16. Great job on the video David! Thanks for making it. I’m a big believer in making everything quick-release. I use a mixture of traditional QR plates (Manfrotto) and RAM Mounts for when I’m filming adventure content. That allows me a crazy amount of options for where I put a camera. Anywhere there is a 1/4×20 hole or stud, I can pop a 1″ RAM ball on there, and mount a camera. Once I figured out how to drill and tap aluminum, I really upped my game by being able to add that functionality to just about anything.

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