This is for the Nervous Street Photographer.

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This is for the Street Photographer.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on street photography. I usually watch interviews of the masters to get motivated again πŸ™‚πŸ“Έ

  2. serious question, how much do you actually work on your photography when making these videos? do you think of yourself as a photographer to makes videos OR as a youtuber who makes videos about photographer? to me these are two different things.

  3. I really love your work! This channel was one of the main reasons I bought my first camera to start taking photos. I’m really enjoying the process of street photography so far

  4. One of the best ways I’ve found if jumping into the deep end doesn’t work is to find the very edge of what you’re comfortable with and only taking one step out. You make progress, get comfortable, then you take one more step. Only staying one step out is a lot easier to content with

  5. Faizal, I’m surprised you never got into the
    X-pro series. I know you love the x100v
    But essentially the xpro3 is a blend of the x100v,Xe4 and a film camera.

    The price is expensive but I’m sure the used market would have it out there for cheaper.

    Since its a rangefinder with interchangeable lenses it shouldnt feel too far from x100v
    Its just missing the built in ND n leaf shutter

  6. Feels like a wes Anderson love this style of video. Honestly sometimes when watching older videos i got bored but this style keeps me present

  7. FYI I actually watched the Square Space ad instead of skipping it because that was a very legit transition into something that’s actually relevant to the video. Great work, man!

  8. Great video as always.
    For me it very much depends on my daily form and the general vibe of the city I’m in.
    Some days I’m completely confident and it’s so easy to step out of my comfort zone and other days even the slightest step out of my comfort zone gives me anxiety.
    But what I found was that the pictures aren’t always better when I’m confidently stepping out of my zone than when I’m not and that really helped me to accept my daily form and do as much as I’m capable of.

  9. The timing of this is God given. Just now getting back into the streets after a 5 year hiatus

  10. I was walking through my local park yesterday when I saw someone quietly practicing the trumpet on the bleachers. I thought it would make for a really cool shot, but I got too nervous to approach them face on. I ended up taking a photo toward their back, which wasn’t the shot I wanted.

  11. I’m constantly battling myself when it comes to street photography — I’m the least confrontational person I know, so why would I put myself in a position where I could come across confrontation? However, you bring up some excellent points here, and this is quality info, as usual.

    Also, I totally laughed out loud at the bit about the “vintage Leica.” I hear it all too often! Yet again another quality video, dude. πŸ™

  12. Such a cool and great video. So relaxing and inspiring at the same time. Thank you for this beautiful content. Keep up the good work <3

  13. Hey this is the perfect video! Thanks again for your advice. I tried the fishing technique you mentioned and I’ve been getting some pretty good shots. I really appreciate the time, and I hope you keep putting out these great videos

  14. I’ve been an event photographer for a long time but I’m starting in street photography, I feel a little nervous and insecure when trying it because in my country, it’s not so safe to take pictures of strangers. It’s a bit risky to try and notice that I took a picture of them, that could end very badly in countries like mine.

  15. I can’t begin to describe how perfect your timing is. I’ve been doing street photography for many years and recently I find myself β€œstuck” when I go out with my camera. I will take some of your suggestions especially that relating to why I’ve been nervous and it starts with worrying about not taking β€˜good’ photographs any more… and so on. Thank you.

  16. I agree about keeping your camera out in the open. It can improve how fast you react to situations and capture moments. Though in countries where its is not always safe to keep gadgets out in the open, having an inconspicuous camera bag around is handy and safe. πŸ™‚

  17. thank you for saying these. i’ve just gotten into street photography and this video resonates so much with a lot of my worries when doing it. it makes me feel like my feelings and nervousness around street photography are valid. the best part is you also share how to overcome these worries. can’t wait to do some street photography again soon. thank you so much for making this video!

  18. Thank you Faizal. You adressed a lot of points/issues I had when attempting street photography.

    Subscribed πŸ™‚

  19. I’m a street photographer, and am trying my best to get some shots from the protest that are happening here in my country, however the main problem with this is that I may get arrested for it, and even literally get kidnapped or even worse, get killed by the police. Honestly not sure how to approach things which are this extreme and risky; Thanks for the video though

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  20. So a few years ago I got into street photography, I had a pain condition and was taking fairly strong pain killers, at the time I didn’t realise but the pain killers were making me hyper comfortable in street photography situations, i eventually come off said medication that I was on for several years, now I’m uncomfortable doing street photography πŸ˜‚

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