This is for the Uninspired Street Photographer.

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0:00 – Intro
1:45 – It's Okay to Take a Break
2:25 – Remastering Old Photos
4:55 – A Fresh Start
8:15 – Take the Pressure Off

This is for the Street Photographer.

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  1. definitely what I needed, felt like what I’ve been shooting all this time are not always special nor it is something I’m proud of. I’ve always had to blame it all on my gears on the lack of technology they got in producing certain shots I wanted, but also at the same time they’ve been producing some of my best shots back when it’s my first month using a camera. Guess all I need is definitely a little break xD

  2. Such an important reminder. I love that just showing up is a success, even if you don’t walk away with a good photograph. Needed this reminder to myself! Thanks Faizal

  3. Some good points there on revisiting old work and trying again. Thanks for that tip

  4. I really value about you that you are so open with the struggles you (and we) face as a photographer

  5. Thanks Faizal for your quiet inspiration. A very thoughtful approach to the creative process and getting out of the rut. Also, thanks for your tips on organizing output. Cheers.

  6. I took a break for 9 months and was telling my friends that I no longer will use my Fuji Ex3 to take pictures and will now use my Iphone instead, that lasted for 9 months, well I recently picked up my EX3 and now find myself which a new vision of sort. Boy was I wrong. Love your channel, very informative, you have a new subscriber.

  7. dude, you don’t know how lucky you are to live where you do. The visual opportunities you have on your doorstep, I can only dream of. I live in a shitty little city in the UK, even in the best of months it’s quiet and hardly anything happens here. If you lose inspiration with what you have on your doorstep then you really need to take a hard look at yourself and open your eyes.

  8. I quickly learned when I got into wildlife photography that photography is just repetition and persistence. it’ll happen, you just have to put in the time. don’t focus on the photo being the outcome, the photography part is really the journey it takes to actually taking the photo, taking the photo is the easy part!

  9. I absolutely love your videos ! As a new street photographer in Boston, I would love to know a few places to look out for or any street photography groups that are regular around here…

  10. always epic vids dude, think I’ve been here since 1200 and I remember seeing your videos and sayin you are going to blow up! They have been awesome from the very start. Big congrats

  11. You are one of my favorite creators I’ve found in the last year. Thank you for all you do.

  12. Thank you so much for this Video. I’m also in a creative hole right now. Hopefully it goes out there again soon 😉

  13. i was in a similar rut, and i found that just switching the aspect ratio i shoot in from 3:4 to 1:1 has helped me a lot. i’ve had to become more conscious of my framing , and i’m definitely seeing some nice results :^)

  14. I first started playing with a camera when aged about 11 I am now 73. “Falling out of love with what I do” is a great way to describe it. I have fallen out of love for photography many times over the years. I last fell out of love pre-covid which then put the seal on it as I had no wish to go out with camera in hand Now the creative juices are coming back again. There is no real rhyrme or reason for it although in my case it is related to a disconnect with nature, of being distracted by stuff so that one can no longer be “in the moment” Its not rational so there is no point in looking for a rational answer. It is a loss of feeling, a loss of relatedness with what is around me which is destructive to creativity. Long before the invention of photography, painters and other creatives described these melancholic periods of inactivity. In frustration van Gogh cut off his ear because of it. One has to keep the faith and belief that the creativie process will return given time. It cannot be forced. I will certainly not be cutting off my own ear or any other part of my anatomy. Good luck and joy on your journey.

  15. I actually took a couple years off, felt uninspired. Just started shooting again couple weeks ago and loving it

  16. Just have to say that: I am trying to find my way back to being out there more often. Your videos have easily been the most inspirational content I’ve seen in a long time. It is so good on so many levels. Thank you!

  17. Great video, I’m in michigan and the cold is really disheartening. It’s cold with no pretty snow and keeping up my first 365 project is already a bit difficult.

    Also, what camera bag are you using in the intro? It looks handy

  18. Yeah, this is probably one of my favourite videos ever.
    The editing, the soundtrack, the font, the grading, the style, the photos. A chef’s kiss.
    Top work Faizal. Please, for all of our sakes, keep it up.

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