This is why we should EXPERIMENT as photographers

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I'll be lecturing at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art on Richard Avedon!
May 13, 2023 – get your tickets here

Another mail time video featuring some amazing viewer work!

0:00 Introduction
0:15 Richard Avedon talk at the Amon Carter
1:56 Koen de Bruijn – A 2-Bit World
3:53 Richard Eskin – The Marsh Speaks in Metaphors
6:51 Build your site with Squarespace
8:23 Chad Meyer – Everyday and We Are No place Ever I and II
11:20 Łukasz Likus – Seasons: Psychological Landscapes

Make sure to check out the work shared in this video and support the community!

Koen de Bruijn – A 2-Bit World
Richard Eskin – The Marsh Speaks in Metaphors
Chad Meyer – Everyday and We Are No place Ever I and II
Łukasz Likus – Seasons: Emotional Landscapes

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This is why we should EXPERIMENT as photographers

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  1. I have been following you for years and I love your presentations. It makes me think about what I am doing in my own work in the contexte of other photographers. I get inspired by learning about other photographers’ work and I get new ideas for trying new things or challenging myself with new projects. I big thank you from Canada.

  2. So many people doing such interesting work. Thank you.

  3. Some very interesting work. Thanks for the continued great content ⭐️

  4. I Love your work, and passion for it, which includes helping others who aren’t well known in their art of photography become more well known! Tip of the Hat to you Mr. Forbes!🎉

  5. Experimentation? This weekend for me’ will be a 500mm weekend. That’s the only lens I’ll shoot with this weekend

  6. I love the 2-bit world zine. I actually use a gameboy camera pretty frequently and I just recently bought that guy’s adapter (I haven’t put it together yet). I need to put something like this together.

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