This lens makes every picture a movie

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The brand-new Light Lens Laboratory is a replica of the 1940's Cooke Cinema lens, but designed for full frame digital cameras. If you desire the cinematic appearance in a cost effective lens – this is for you.

You can get this when it comes out at

0:00 The lens that makes every photo a motion picture still
0:46 The Light Lens Laboratory 50mm II
2:05 Modern VS Vintage Lenses
3:12 Light Lens Lab
5:01 Optical formula and characteristics
6:34 Editing in Lightroom
7:53 Thumbprint of the Light Lens Laboratory
9:40 Ergonomics and Handling
10:26 Prototype VS production design
10:44 Alternative Lenses
11:51 Rate Point
12:22 Where to buy this lens

Soon you can get the Light Lens Laboratory SPII at

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This lens makes every picture a movie

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  1. Absolutely love your videos and even inspire me to start making my own
    photography books

  2. I’m so hyped for this lens. It reproduce what I am trying to achieve, but never quite achieved to do. Can’t wait for it.

  3. Lens that I didn’t know I needed. While all these other camera brands are coming out with new lenses, this is the only one I am excited about. Thank you for this video!!

    1. @Dan 2016 since when has a lens made anyone’s photos better? It’s all about having fun with it.

  4. Love the “Cooke Look“
    I work to get that look or a filmic look so often for my work .
    I’ve never thought of ever taking control from my work and using a preset. Never and actually well , guess I’m a control freek for my art.
    I saw your presets and saw the article when you were working on these presets. I would consider using yours they look very nice and a look I’d trust .

    1. Want the Cooke look? Meyer-Optik Görlitz Domiplan 50mm f2.8. You can literally buy dozens of those, a couple cameras and STILL have change to go travel and make work with your kit🤷🏻‍♂️ thank me later lol

  5. I love projects like this. Also excited to try the new Meyer Optik Biotars.

  6. I’m so excited about this lens, it’s so great that there are still lens manufacturers that care about more than clinical perfection and are bold. I’ll defintely be buying a copy when it’s ready.

  7. Some beautiful images from that lens. Question: About the presets… I’ve always wanted to try presets but I’m not sure how to know if they will work in the free version of Capture One. First, will yours work in that version? Secondly, is there a way to know if a particular preset will work in that version? Thanks for an informative video.

  8. Like I always say. “The perfect picture isn’t always perfect”. Doesn’t have to be super sharp and editorial to be perfect. What is the feeling and effect of the picture regardless of its “flaws”.

  9. Amazing video, Ted! Love the depth you went in this and the history too!

  10. Ted, I’d love to see you do a video on the ultra-cheap sub-$100 manual lenses that have come out on Amazon (Meike, TTArtisan, etc.). I’ve seen a lot of videos from gear-oriented pages where they talk about technical details, but never from anyone talking about the experience of making art with those little lenses.

    1. Most gear reviewers are crappy photographers. They focus way too much about technology.

    2. Yup. I use a vintage canon fd lens and slapped on a black pro mist 1/8 and it’s pulling a cinematic look all under $100. I use an xpro 3.

    3. @Vm no Nice value! I’m going to be buying an Xpro 3 soon, can you point to which lens/adapter you’re using?

  11. This is really interesting. I do get the old vintage look and this from the images you’ve shown is really up my street. Would you have a link to your images where I can view them in better detail?

  12. Great video and love to learn from you as always! I am super interested in getting this lens! Quick question… Are your Fujifilm and Kodak presets working on both LR and Capture One? Thanks!

  13. This lens feels like it would fit well on Fujifilm cameras. Especially the X-Pro series. (Which people think there will be a new version of soon.)

  14. Oh boy… this is the first time I’ve ever lusted after a non-Leica lens. 🤤

    Thanks a lot Ted! 🥲

  15. I like modern lenses for landscapes, architecture, and the like….but every time I’m doing anything else I reach for my Helios or Super Takumar lenses. Just love character lenses.

  16. Ted, loving this lens. Thanks for sharing this moments, especially with scenes in Japan!

  17. Ooh, this looks fantastic. Might even persuade me to get a full frame body, or a Minolta CLE!

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