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This Made Me a Better Photographer.

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  1. ive based my college work around your photography and etiquette towards street photography time and time again this year and although i still struggle to photograph people for reasons like them shouting at me i still try and use the way you frame shots and how much you use black and white. i live in Manchester England and photographing it hasnt got challenging yet, i see it as a way to find every back street and road where i can make buildings topple over each other or make reflections contrast with the buildings that still stand, just a quick thank you i suppose.

  2. I really enjoyed that, Faizal. I share a lot of your observations and challenges raised in this video. Looking forward to more of your excellent work and views.

  3. the writing/commentary of this video really stuck out for me, great work Faizal! I really admired how you structured your points and lessons in this video.

  4. Thanks for sharing your ponderings and musings on the contrast of the home town vs what we see when we travel. Your videos are always a great pause in the day to just reflect on the topics that you share. I’m really grateful for that. 🙏

  5. Brilliant video and insight! I live in the suburbs of Boston and really enjoy taking a trip into the city. I decided this summer to stick to the surrounding towns and parks near me to force myself to find thing near by that perhaps I never thought would be a subject I normally shoot. It is funny when you mentioned the walking the same streets over and over again, I know that feeling all to well 🙂 Thanks again for sharing your photographic journey!

  6. I see that you shoot with Leica for your photography, is it the same for the video footage? And thank you I always learn so much I appreciate your explanations and video

  7. I often feel the same here in Germany. When you’re on the streets photographing from your artsy perspective, there is always this fear that someone will just snap at you – happened a few times. Great video again Faizal!

    1. Germany is an extreme example when it comes to privacy, so that isn’t surprising.

  8. I have started street photography when I was a student in Paris. Also, Paris is basically where the street photography was born. But unfortunately nowadays, due to laws and people’s approach it become almost a crime to do street photography there. That’s sad…

  9. I like your perspective that the city where you feel the most “stuck” is what’s helping you grow as a photographer. I def agree! Although I wouldn’t be mad at a photographer Airbnb exchange kind of network 😂

  10. Shooting the familiar can be the most challenging but also the most rewarding. I’ve always felt that the term “street photography” is a bit of a creative straitjacket and can prove to be rather stifling. It wasn’t all that long ago that the term didn’t even exist. We used to call it “documentary photography” or even “photo journalism”, both of which are more open ended than “street photography”. To be honest, I probably identify more with painting than most photography even though my tool is a camera!

  11. Travel is so, so, so important! There is so much to learn from different cultures. I remember coming back from a month long trip to Western Europe and seeing my hometown again. It’s exactly as you said Faizal, you get to see it with new perspective and often a new appreciation.

  12. Well done brotha man 🎉 had my attention the whole time in a respectful way

  13. Living in orlando, the tourist capital of the world, you are not interrupting anyone with your photography unless you as a tourist are purposely blocking the locals. Don’t feel guilty at all you weren’t doing anything wrong.

  14. Nice. Enjoyed that. … Grateful if you’d do a video on the sigma 18-50 f 2.8. I have an xt5 and am thinking about that lens as a possible all arounder for both stills and video. Thank you.

  15. In Europe we have an absurd kind of oppression. It’s called GDPR. Sad story. Before the photo is taken, the subject’s consent must be obtained by signing a four-page declaration. In theory street photography is a guerilla action here. Although I don’t know if anyone has ever been convicted or if there has been less street photography becouse of this.

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