Three Weeks in Spain with the LUMIX S5II

Take a look at the LUMIX S5II:

Edited & color graded in DaVinci Willpower

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Images modified with my Capture One presets:
Camera bag:
Electronic camera strap:

0:00 Act I – Minutes from
2:55 Act II – A Day of Photography in Toledo
9:48 My Experience Photographing
13:46 My Experience Using the Lumix S5II

#lumixs 5ii.

Three Weeks in with the LUMIX S5II

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  1. My favorite feature of this camera is the native X-Pan format in combination with the 24mm lens.

  2. Dude, I’ve been thinking about getting the S5II!! Have you tried the realtime LUT’s? I’m coming from Fuji and that’s the feature that’s gotten me interested, to emulate film with LUT’s. Cheers, would love to see you talk about it.

  3. I know you’re primarily a photographer first but you should 100% do more footage focused videos. they’re always so good and I learn so much from the angles/shots you choose! Great work 🙂

  4. I own Fuji but I’m not a fan boy, with that in mind: are you switching to the lumix system? How would you compare it to let’s say an x-h2s which is similar in specs except sensor size?

    1. Having used the X-H2S and recently moved to using an S5iiX, they really aren’t all that comparable. The colossal flexibility that FF gives you with lens selection is amazing. It’s pretty much the reason I switch to Panasonic. You also get access to lots of Leica tech, something that just doesn’t get talked about at all. The S5ii/X gets absolutely lambasted by people who have never used it for photography. When I say this thing is basically a low MP count SL2 it really is basically just that. L-mount may be slightly more expensive but I think it’s definitely a long term investment for anyone getting into it. In 3-6 years maybe more, S5ii/X will still be a banger system.

    2. @@againstgrain A low pixel count SL2 does exist, it’s called the Sl2S. And the S5II is basically that but better in almost every way. I love this thing.

    3. @@olivertrees completely forgot the SL2S haha, but yea, it’s a phenomenal camera. really changed my workflow.

  5. Hey Faizal ,great vid as usual. I saw your comment about the trip to Japan next month, I’m just wondering if you would ever come to Taiwan as well in the future, it’s a great place to visit for its food and people, but also I’d consider Taiwan a very harsh environment to take pictures, so I’m just very curious about how you’ll be shooting under such condition. I’d also love to meet you in person! Been a big fan of your work, Keep it up man,you’re a legend!!

  6. I enjoyed watching this video with the beautiful moments you captured in these fascinating cities (image format, composition, background music and sounds, black and white and color layout, excellent photography – really great). Thank you – also for sharing your experiences photographing in Spain in the 3rd part of this video.

  7. Great vid of Madrid and Toledo, great cities and a great country.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. out of curiosity, do you mind sharing which framerate you shoot your video in? assuming either 24 or 30, but the movement has a very nice feel to it that contributes to the overall mood of the scene, I’d be very curious to know what you’re shooting in. love the work!

  9. Since LUMIX sent you the camera, isn’t this supposed to be tagged as sponsored content?

  10. When you are coming back to the southern Spain I recomend you this trio: Cadiz, Sevilla and Granada.
    Especially the first one is a missing jewel for many… an ancient phoenician little city surrounded by sea

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