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  1. Great, exactly what I´m looking for… if I had 300 bucks to spend on the X100.

  2. excellent. nice portable lights. its all about lighting in video. no matter how good your video camera setup is – its almost nothing without decent lights.

  3. The only thing that is preventing these from being an amazing bargain is the currently selling price! $249 USD for the basic kit (no modifiers or battery grip) is alright but at the same price tag it’s essentially competing with the Amaran 100X or even GVM SD200D which is a 200W Bi colored light for $199 USD which is gonna give you better output and is already Bowens mount compatible! To get the adapter for the X100 to accept standard modifiers, the price jumps waaaay up to $349 USD (which I assume is due to the battery grip). They need to make one more kit in between both of those values that includes all the modifiers but doesn’t need to have the battery grip for say $299 USD, and then we will have something that will be very competitive!

    1. “price” is the only thing that prevents literally all items from being a bargain.

    2. I kinda agree. When I saw the price tag I somewhat lost interest. There are so many other options better if you looking for value/better bang for buck. Although I do like how portable and easy they are.

  4. Nice try buddy. I will stick to my OLD 100 watt halogen spots. THEY ARE HOT!! But what ever. THEY ARE BRIGHT! I hang some diffusion in front and maybe some Cinefoil on the side to TAME THEM!
    (don’t tell anyone, IT’S A CHURCH!!! People get Cinematic with Sin confused… )
    It’s $40 I already spent 15 yeas ago, verses $500! IMHO

  5. Does anyone know the link or item name for that softbox that can attach to the X100? thank you in advance 🙂

  6. Kai thank you for damaging your retinas for this truly enlightening video.

  7. By the way, I loved that sexy bracelet on your watch. I wonder what you were wearing Kai.

  8. Thanks for the review. What suction mount do you use at 5:37? thanks

  9. Bit of a high price considering that I recognise the heatsink and fans from Personal Computer processor coolers, and they aren’t that expensive for a generic unnamed set.
    Plus I’m guessing they have been looking at the DIYPerks YouTube channel for their ideas.

  10. if it breaks out of warranty do you have to ship it to china for repair as the cost of more than the unit? like all my broken crane gimbals? 😆

  11. It just seems far to expensive for the little output you get. Sure, it’s portable and light, but there are way better options in the same price bracket that have higher output, bowens, and features.

    Super cool little light though!

  12. I’ve always called them cob as in corn on the cob. Not c.o.b, but I’m a dingus, can anyone clarify what is the proper name? Or is it both?

  13. Unlike most camera YouTuber, no problem pronouncing the brand’s name for you, eh?

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