TT Artisan 40mm f/2.8 Macro – 4 Reasons Why This Budget Lens is Amazing!

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Shure SM58.

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Daniele Musto.

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Saturday Early Morning Layup.
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TT Artisan 40mm f/2.8 – 4 Reasons Why This Budget is Amazing!

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  1. The way you unscrewed that lens cap😅🤣🤣. Thanks for the laugh AND the review Kai!

  2. It’s a nice lens, especially for the price. I use it primarily for digitizing my negatives, and I get great results.

    1. @B I can use the full sensor surface, but I intentionally leave the borders out for white balancing.

    2. @Joshua Carlton If I wanted, I can fill the entire 35mm film on my sensor. But I intentionally leave some borders for cropping and white balancing. In the end, it would come down to what aspect ratio you use for the 120 film (I personally haven’t digitized 120 yet, although I shoot with them) and what resolution your camera has. I haven’t printed anything physical yet, but I would assume it’s very doable.

    3. @Jason Youn Thank you! might buy this to scan with my XPro-2 then.

  3. Thanks for the review, was thinking about a macro Takumar for the negatives now this might be it, except if anyone here thinks the Taks are better.

  4. I bought this lens just a couple of weeks ago and still waiting for it to arrive to my country. It better be good, I wanna try some macro already.

  5. Hey Kai, would you say this is still worth getting for the Sony a7iii and using it cropped? At that price point it looks like a great first macro lens.

    1. I also have the Leica Macro Elmarit R 60mm 2.8 which are excellent, but now I use the Voigtländer Macro APO-Lanthar 65mm 2.0 which are outstanding !

    2. @Camera Prepper Thanks for the recommendation. What adapter do you use to mount it on your a7iii?

    3. @Camera Prepper Hmmm at £500 to £1000 for the first lens you mentioned is a big step up for an old lens compared to £90 new for this one. For something that is just for experimenting I’d rather keep it to a budget to start.

    4. @Rob Lemming I did not know that the price of the Tamron had gone that much up, but it is a very good Lens, but I still believe you can find an analog macro Lens for small money, just do not get a shorter focal length than 55mm, it will not be as good an experience.

  6. I use the Canon 200D so this is perfect! Budget and picture quality! Thanks man! ✌🏻

  7. I own that 90mm 1.25 for my Z5. I really like that lens. You can pull the hood and cap right off.

  8. aside from the subject of the video, but I’m curious what’s the scoop on the M-P 240? Are you satisfied with it compared to an M10? I’m mighty curious because looking at the two it would be quite nice to spend a few grand less.

  9. I have the TT Artisans 17mm f1.4 and 50mm f1.2 on my Fuji bodies and they are pretty good. Thanks for this video Kai.

    1. Same. I love them. They have their clear flaws but they’re counterbalanced by (a) the price and (b) their optical strengths – headshot distance portraits on the 50 and the very fast aperture on a medium wide-angle on the 17.

  10. TTArtisans despite known for being ultra budget lenses they do have descent image quality. I tested the 35mm F/1.4 a while back and I was quite happy with the image quality. You sacrifice in a lot of features with these lenses but in the end of the day photography is for photos. So it is fun to have one.

  11. It’s a crazy good lens for its price, especially that it covers the entire full-frame sensor at 1:1 magnification!

    1. @Vladimir Kirillovskiy It does… I know what I’m talking about, I have this lens, so I tried it.

    2. @Blizz4rd Really? On my copy, edges falling apart on the APS-C sensor, so I didn’t expect it to work. Ok, interesting.

  12. I’m glad you cleared up the TT artisans vs 7 artisans confusion
    I’ve avoided it for that reason

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