Unboxing EPIC Anamorphic Lenses – 35/50/75mm Viltrox 1.33x

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Viltrox Impressive Series 1.33 x Anamorphic Lenses:

00:00 – Intro
00:43 – Sponsored Message
00:53 – Unboxing
03:10 – Strolling Bits
03:56 – Managing the Lenses
06:21 – 35mm
07:51 – 50mm
10:34 – 75mm
11:25 – Conclusion
12:21 – Sponsored Message
12:34 – DVD Extras

Panasonic S5 II
Panasonic S5 II X:
Panasonic Lumix S 20-60mm ƒ/ 3.5-5.6.

Lunareh – Kyoto.
Ghost Beatz – Accelerate.
Famous Cats – Catnip.
Sam Barsh – Quartz Crisis.
Sam Barsh – Away We Stroll.
Sam Barsh – Carmela's Ring.
Sam Barsh – Gronkonkoma.

Unboxing EPIC Anamorphic Lenses – 35/50/75mm Viltrox 1.33x

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  1. Yes! Definitely need a new durability test. Especially in this kinda weather😅

  2. I was hoping for your insta360 ace pro review 😢 but this was good 🙂

    1. They probably won’t sell out to Insta360 to be able to get products early.

  3. miss 50mm f0.9 bokehwhoring or the 40mm vs 50 vs 35mm challanges and thus photography stuff 🙁

  4. hi Kai. i am from Japan. i hope someday you and Lok together hunt some real British food and live. or go to Downton Abby place for photo O.o. i like your channel from old days. have a nice thanksgiving day.

  5. That output looks nice! Not something I’d use but cool to see in action.

  6. I have this set. Got it back in April just before I shot the feature film Killin’ Jim Kelly with them. Great lenses. I’ve shot pretty much every narrative film I’ve worked on with these lenses since and I’ve been very happy. Nowadays only the reality stuff is shot aspherical. I did one narrative short without the EPIC lenses because it just wasn’t appropriate. Otherwise, all the narrative work is anamorphic, even if it’s cropped to 1.78:1. The anamorphic look even at 1.33x is dreamier than aspherical. Future proofed by being PL mount and covering 135 format. Looking forward to completing the set with the upcoming 25mm and 100mm.

  7. The old DRTV durability tests were always fun. But allthough they were silly, it still gave me more confidence in the durability of my DSLR.

  8. The only channel is probably the last proto-video channel I still watch and believe.
    I really appreciate their style. Drtv was these 2 that’s why when they left, drtv was gone.
    Great duo!

  9. Sam, you literally the only Youtuber that pointed out the dynamic range difference. There’s a clear difference with A7iv being the superior camera. A7cii also seems to be slighlty noisier if one compares ISO performance head to head. Top review mate 👌

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