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    1. Primes are way better than telephotos. Telephotos are for tourist and beginner photographers

  1. I just got mine for night time-lapse shooting. Will test it out soon.

    1. Please give me review about the astro and wide angle lens. Also the autofocus on lowlight after testing it.

    2. 5:34
      Also, a Real Estate shot of an average 10×10 foot (3×3 meter) room would be greatly appreciated!

      I’m currently looking at options in that department. 😊✌️

  2. You’ve left the b roll at the end of the other video and posted this one first 😀 I love that we are all human!

  3. Hmm interesting, should post some full size pics for us to check as well though

  4. You’ve come a very long way Kai, you still have your videos up on DigitalRev of being equipment elitiest and snob against the likes of Tamron, Sony and Sony products.

  5. Another reason to look at third party lenses would be when the first party couldn’t give af about releasing native glass for a system. Native Nikon Z-mount APS-C fast primes are nonexistent. Sony isn’t as bad on that front, but having options is nice. We’ll just ignore Canon since they don’t care nor will they allow others to care (until I have something like the Sigma APS-C 1.4’s on RF working great for a R7, I couldn’t care less if they say “we’re thinking about saying we’ll open it up”).

    1. My Lord, once I had adult money to spare I got myself the Canon EOS 60D. The camera fit me perfectly back then, but little did I expect how the missing micro adjustment for AF would bite me in the rear… its successor did get the feature, but the 60D lacked it. The swivel-screen was of great help however and I’ve really loved the glass that I got for it. My EOS was a trusty local companion for many photo shootings, trips, events and in general. I’m happy to own it, but feel great remorse over that adjustment feature missing, since the focus got softer over the years. That being said, my next camera will not be a Canon again, instead I’ll be switching to Sony as well. Their image sensors are incredible, the glass choice is amazing and being able to get a full-frame in the size of the Alpha 7C II is so helpful if you want to travel a lot and use it all-day during events where you already carry a lot of other stuff as well. The AF is stellar on Sonys as well.

  6. That’s an ugly lens Kai! Looks like something that came out of a rear end of something. For $500, I’d rather get the old Zeiss 16-35 f4.

  7. The lens does look pretty decent! I’ve used their APS-C glass on EF-M. Pretty quirky at first but they improved them a lot through firmware.

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