What do you get the Photographer who has EVERYTHING?

The vacations are coming quickly and here is the supreme present guide for the photographer you enjoy. Ideally you'll discover this list full of (mainly) inexpensive and distinct concepts that run out the mainstream.

1) Printing – Have A Look At Hidden Light for uncommon and remarkable printing strategies along with complete analog lab offerings such as film development, scanning, contact sheets and even framing! also take a look at Matt's YouTube Channel! @HiddenLight

2) Workshops – I've got 2 workshops revealed for next year. The first is an Image Zine course that you can take with me on Zoom and the 2nd is a New York City workshop that I will be teaching with Ralph Gibson

3) Books and Zines – take a look at my full playlist of audience work that has been sent in. Most photographers sell their work and zines – you'll find some great present concepts there!

4) Presets – you can support this channel and get some terrific movie stock simulations for both Adobe Lightroom and Capture One!

5) Insta360 Go3 – now in black! One of my favorite and most enjoyable camera selects this year

6) Camera bags by Oberwerth – my preferred bag company period. Conserve 10% off any order by using the code ART10 on checkout.

7) Lensman2 watch from Horage – they still have the offer for getting your watch with early bird pricing. Use deal code AOP on checkout!

0:00 What do you give to the professional photographer who has whatever?
0:42 Printing and Film Development
3:04 Workshops and Classes
4:29 Books and Zines
5:13 Lightroom and Capture One Presets
6:15 The most fun and inexpensive video camera this year
8:41 The very best image bag on the marketplace
12:06 A more luxurious alternative

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What do you get the Photographer who has EVERYTHING?

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  1. An issue — or a yearly subscription — of the photography magazine out of Chile, CAPTION Magazine.

  2. You can tell that you’re a guitar player because you’re still mired in the “pee-zo/pie/zo” conundrum like the rest of us.

  3. give the photographer you love the day off and a bus ticket to a great location to take pictures with the equipment he or she already has

  4. dont buy them anything without knowing what they really want. its like buying your wife a handbag without knowing exactly what she wants. 99% of the time, you are buying something they dont want.

  5. O man, I can’t wait to see the digital to old school photo printing!! I’d be so up for that! 🙂

  6. When I discovered metal prints I sold my printer and all my paper.

    1. Curious, what type/style of photos do you typically print? I think they can be neat for landscapes/cityscapes/street photography, but a bit odd for portraiture.

  7. I’m always interested in the photo’s on the wall over your left shoulder. Do you have a video on them?

  8. No photographer has ever been cured of GAS! 😂 more lenses 🙏 more cameras 🙏 more accessories 🙏 more, more, more😊

  9. I’m glad there may are people who have everything.
    Some of us have nothing (because of a stolen equipment and a broken pc)
    But for everyone, with a lot or nothing, I think the best gift could be a nice, sincere and profound talk about the feelings we all put in our photographic work, a talk about what all feel and receive with the sight that sensitive people give to us to experience and how much that enrich our lives.
    Sometimes, be concious about the meaning of our photographic vision let us to grow as aesthetic creators.
    Happy holidays everyone!

  10. Q. What do you get for a photographer who has everything?
    A. Penicillin.

  11. Yeah just what I needed, a $7000 watch 🙃 (obviously it’s not for everyone, especially folks like me who get anxiety for spending $4 on a coffee 🤣) I really really do like the idea of the Insta360, that could be a really useful tool. Lots of creative possibilities.

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