What I really love about the Canon R7 :: Full Review

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I have actually been shooting on the Canon EOS R7 for about a month. I believe its probably my favorite alternative for an APS-C electronic camera on the marketplace right now. Canon have actually truly done a nice task on this. The Sony a6600 and Fujifilm X-T4 are actually good alternatives also, however I believe when you factor in the functions vs price point – the R7 is difficult to beat. This is my full evaluation with image and video samples.

0:00 What's brand-new in the Canon EOS R7?
0:58 Canon R7 Includes
1:45 How good are Canon Mirrorless Cameras?
2:37 Canon R7 Sensor
3:10 Autofocus – possibly the very best Canon has actually produced
3:56 High Speed Continuous Shooting
5:23 Image Quality on the R7
7:25 R7 Video Specifications and Performance
8:43 Design and Handling
9:24 Finest Lenses for the Canon R7
11:18 Back Screen and EVF Resolution
11:34 Connections and Compatibility
11:47 Battery Life
12:03 Alternatives to the R7

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What I really love about the Canon R7 :: Full Review

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  1. i was very tempted to shoot canon again just bc of the sheer versatility of the r7. I just wish there were some wider RF mount glass to go along with that unlimited 4k recording.

    1. @Alwa Gordon you can literally look at comparisons right now. It’s not a really distinct or noticeable difference in a huge way but I have adapted EF to canon mirrorless before and it was noticeably slower af for me to the native glass. Maybe at some point it will change w firmware but there’s only so much they can bridge the gap w adapted glass.

    2. @FumarMoniker most of the comments I’ve seen say there was no difference in quailty and that they even worked faster than native so that’s why I was confused about your comment

    3. I just got my R7 and I can say without a doubt the performance of my EF L glass is just as quick as it was on my DSLR. Is RF quicker? Maybe, but so far it’s working as well as the lenses worked before (70-200 2.8 III). I will also say that my Tamron 45 that always seemed to struggle with perfect focus appears to be working better on the R7. I’m still testing that one out fully though, as well as some Sigma APS-C lenses I have.

    4. @Andrew Jarman yeah this has been the consensus, so I was confused what Fumar was talking about. Most are saying the lenses work even better

  2. Thanks Ted for a very detailed review, I really enjoyed hearing your balanced opinion on this camera. Do you know if there is a battery grip option for the R7? Thanks

  3. I’ve been loving my R7 for a while now. Already had an idea what to expect thanks to shooting on the 90D and printing those photos.
    This hasn’t disappointed at all.

  4. Its great seeing all camera brands improving on their products, there are so many options today. Thank you Ted Forbes for all the great content and information you make and share in your wonderful channel!

  5. Thanks for a compact but fare review. I’m looking for a more down to earth tracking focus comparison to Sony and yours comes as a surprise considering all puff pieces I see around. Although it’s only a few words w/o any evidence it feels somehow more informative anyway.

  6. I’ve been super interested in how well the Sigma 18-35 works adapted to this R7. No one has done an in depth look at it, other than for video, but I think there are a bunch of people who would think of this as a great camera if it worked really well with that lens.

  7. I’ve been on the fence this as my next camera but your review pushed me closer to the R7.

  8. Got my R7 last week with the 18-150mm kit lens. Started trying out my EF and EF-S lenses, which all have image stabilization, and was spooked by the absence of the menu option for stabilization with them, while that option is there with the kit lens.
    So I searched the pdf manual for “stabilization” and found that that option is only displayed if the lens doesn’t have an IS on/off switch. Yes, the R7 does use their IS together with its own IBIS – they just figured that an onscreen switch was unnecessary.

  9. PS I don’t have any L glass to compare it to, but I found that the kit lens was amazingly sharp hand-held at 150mm. I casually shot a page of sheet music thirty feet away and it looked great!

  10. Nice look at the camera now that it’s out. I can’t manage to do a transition to RF from EF-M right now but the R7 is a very good sign for future options. Especially with video in my case.

  11. My R7 will be here this weekend. I have access to an R6 through work, thus I decided to take the savings and go with the R7. I have mostly been a full-frame shooter so a little worried about going back to APSC, but then again, the Canon 80D is still my favorite camera I have ever owned (prolly a little sentimental since it was my first big(ger) body DSLR, but I preferred it over the R6, 6d II, A7iii, A7C, X-E4, A6400 and A6600).

  12. What are your thoughts on speed boosters and adapting to ef lenses on the R7 to simulate a near-to full-frame use on the aps-c camera?

  13. The R7 has complimented my R6 very well. I ended up picking up the tascam XLR adapter that connects directly to the electronic communication in the hotshoe. WOW…that alone made this the closest to a quality cinema camera in this price range. The tests I’ve done on my channel make it a hard choice for some between this and the R6. Thanks for the review.

  14. Very interesting video and I really like the way you present the camera, very balanced and especially the mentioning of alternatives is interesting. I am curious if APS-C will survive as a camera, I think they will be used mainly for video purposes due to the still improving quality of mobile phone cameras.

  15. I use my R7 for wildlife photography. I have been very happy with the performance and IQ. I agree I like the thumb wheel. I find it very easy to use. I bought an extra battery but I rarely have to use it. The fewest shots I have gotten off a full charger is just over 1900.

    I have been impressed with the low light ability. It is much better than my M6 MKII.

  16. Great summation of this cool little camera, Ted. I’m wanting to get a dedicated wildlife body (guess it’s time to upgrade from my 40D). I rented an R7 for a week hoping I’d hate it and save some money by getting a nice used 7D Mark II. Alas, I didn’t hate it and am now waiting for B&H to actually get one to send me. It certainly didn’t help that the animal tracking helped me get a shot of rushing western grebes I’ve wanted for years!

    Keep the great content coming!

  17. a few questions.
    context: I now have the 750d or T6i for 6 years now. looking for an upgrade. mainly do event photography but haven’t gone professional (as in earn money from it yet. I also have the kit 18-135, efs wide 10-18, ef 50 1.8. I’m looking for an upgrade but not planning to sell any of my gear as I can covert and use and also use a backup cam.
    Should I get the r7? I really like how fast it is and just how similar it feels ergonomically to my 750d. I’m really leaning towards the r7 coz of the price and AF. other stuff that I would really use is auto level and stabilisation, clog, dual card slots.
    Should I get it with the kit 18-150 with the r7? Or should I use that money instead and get body only? I can convert my 18-135 using an adapter, but I’m not sure if this will limit my AF and AF speed.
    Should I buy a speed booster? just yeah should I?

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