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00:00 – Intro
01:12 – FEATURES – Rode
03:24 – PRICE – Rode
09:17 – MIC TEST –
12:30 – Final Thoughts

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  1. I’m sort of thinking that the GO II is going to be my new on-camera mic for most situations! I’ll test it over the next month and see how often I wish I had the extra features. What do you guys think?! (ALSO: If you hear some buzzing in this video, it’s because I had to use my very old and sort of busted VideoMic Pro to film this video. Had to though so I could show you the other three🤷‍♂)

  2. Bro someone really tried to rob me with giveway by using yr profile pic in yt channel in one of yr previous videos🤣

    1. Sorry some people suck man! Anytime someone is asking for money, check that profile name to make sure it’s me. These scammers will pull a creator’s profile picture and add a fake name, then spam the comments. YouTube isn’t much help and doesn’t give me a way to mass delete comments. So I have to delete them one by one, but there’s hundreds. Sorry Avinash!

    2. @David Manning its ok buddy 1st thing i chked is tick mark🤣 bdw love your content man lots of ❤️

  3. Hi David. Great comparison. Re wind rejection; I wouldn’t use any mic outdoors with a foamie to be honest. You’re testing more the quality of the foamies rather than the mic.

    I mention this because I’ve taken the Videomic Pro+ out on a beach in 40 – 50mph wind with its furry windshield. It was unbelievably good.

    The windshield is a ridiculous price, but boy, does it work!

    Cheers, Ian.

    1. Oh man, sorry I wasn’t clear on that one. For the wind tests, they were all rocking the furry windshields that are designed for each of these mics👍 Crazy how much the angle of the wind changes the audio pickup and wind noise on them!

    2. Oh OK David. That was surprising. My Videomic Pro+ was amazing in that storm! The Go II worked well in that case and seemed better than the Videomic!

    3. @Ian Craig – Audio, Video, Reviews & Tips Both the NTG and GO II seemed to have some sort of wind reduction happening on-mic. But something I didn’t realize is that all of these mics sounded best when the wind was perpendicular to the mic. Straight on from the front or back and you hear a lot more noise!

    1. Nope! I don’t think there’s a noticeable difference in camera battery. It’s pulling so little power for the mic

  4. I have the Go ii. I like the fact that it’s a usb mic too. Always helps when I can use it for more than one purpose.

    1. That was for sure the killer feature on the NTG and I’m stoked they brought it to the GO II now! For $100, I really can’t imagine a better more well rounded mic for multiple uses!

  5. I’ve just picked up the DJI wireless can’t wait to try them! Gonna enjoy this video tho! Just looking thru my footage from New York trying to make another video haha

    1. Man, impressive you were able to find some in stock Dan! They’ve been back-ordered like crazy here in the US!

  6. About peaking, the audio in this video, in the indoor studio was a little bit hot hehe, like at 15:30 😄
    Due to the change of setup I guess!

    1. It totally was François! I pulled in my very old mic to do some work and it was clearly not up to the task🤣

  7. WHAT!? your better half is a musician? Just checked out her channel and her music! Wow! She is your best kept secret. Love her music…. oh yeah, great review of these mics! 🙂

  8. Hey David… Thanks for the mic compare… For those of us who are less than pro… plug and go without more batteries to manage sounds perfect. Love the simplicity. Thx

    1. Honestly Maria, I feel the same way! It’s one less battery that I need to worry about being charged. Simplicity is always better 🙌

  9. Excited to see the drone work in your video. Great comparison between the mics, made up my mind to get the GO II.

    1. It’s a super impressive mic Cory! After I filmed this, I did some other tests as well and it’s hard to hear the difference between this and the NTG. So impressive for a little mic!

  10. Nice review, what audio level did you set your camera to when using the VideoMic GO II? I’m trying to figure out what’s the best level for this mic since I know that self powered mics puts out better quality and the lower you set the audio in camera the cleaner the noise floor will be. Thanks!

    1. That’s solid advice, but it’s changed a bit more as camera pre-amps have gotten much better! Back in the day, you wanted to rely on your mic’s pre-amp, so I would dial my camera down to almost zero and use the +20dB on the VideoMic Pro. But now, I’m usually dialed somewhere around 10 on my Sony and both the NTG and VideoMic Pro+ sound great. With the GO II, I had my Sony A7Siii at 15. The biggest thing is to always have your audio levels on your monitor so you can make sure that you’re averaging between -12dB and -6dB. So your camera level will change based on scenarios👍

  11. I love my Rode Video Mic Go II! I bought it a couple of months back for my YouTube channel. After seeing a lot of great reviews on it specifically how it was compared to the ntg model I figured I’d give it a shot. Ultimately it’s up my game in my audio. I don’t do a lot of eqing. I just try and keep it simple. But surprisingly I use it a lot as a USBC mic for Zoom meetings. It’s almost like you’re buying two mics and one. Great video as always.

    1. Absolutely, the dual purpose is incredible! Super impressed with this thing, especially at the $100 mark!

  12. For a mobile device (I do this now using the GO II) you can also use an SC4 which is a TRS to TRRS adapter from RODE

  13. i wish you would have tested them from the rear! we speak from both behind the camera and in front of it and the sound coming in from the rear is important for us.

    1. None of these are going to be great in that situation. With supercardioid directional mics, the sound from behind the mic is always really muffled compared to in front. Have you checked out something like the Deity D4 Duo for a setup like yours?

    2. @David Manning yeah i have but i guess it’s not ideal for me. it outputs to two channels so i’d have to adjust volume twice and create a stereo track from both. seems like a lot of work for not much gain. thanks though. i just want a mic that records at maybe 40 percent volume from the rear so that when i’m talking from the back i can be heard.

  14. Personally I would take the cheaper microphone less hassle no batteries worry about it really makes me want to have one of those for on the go always over my NTG…. You could barely tell the difference between the NTG and the go ii

  15. Love all the videos and long time fan. Do have to say though all the audio on this video was peaking eek on the main mic which is ironic for a video talking about mics. It’s never happened on your others

  16. I recently switched my on camera mic from the videomic ntg to the go 2 after the battery in the ntg stopped holding a charge. Definitely a better choice, much easier to use, less things that can go wrong, and it sounds great!

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