Whats NEW in PHOTOSHOP 2023

Learn all the new functions in , like the new choose modes, remove functions, Camera Raw unbelievable choose modes, and image remediations in 3 minutes

00:00 Erase and Fill Out
00:52 How to do Photo repair in photoshop 2023
01:28 How to use the brand-new select choices in Electronic camera Raw 2023
02:28 How to pick Objects in Camera Raw 2023

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Whats NEW in PHOTOSHOP 2023

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  1. I feel glad to see you getting updated to latest app versions. Can’t wait to see how today’s technology impact your photography journey. Do you see any big difference compare to good old days? And these days Ai can create any digital arts, everyone can turn bad photos to good photos with their phones. In these aspects How do you see career in photography. Is it more profitable than old days or harder to earn for living?

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