WHICH SHOULD YOU BUY? – GoPro Hero 11 Black VS Insta360 X3

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00:00 – Introduction.
01:00 – X3 vs Hero 11 Video Camera Summary.
04:31 – X3 vs Hero 11 Video Quality Test.
05:51 – X3 vs Hero 11 Kinds Of Footage.
07:24 – X3 vs Hero 11 Stabilization Test.
08:40 – X3 vs Hero 11 Sturdiness Test.
10:20 – X3 vs Hero 11 HOW I PICK.

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  1. Okay, I wanna hear your thoughts on this video and these two cameras! Towards the end of the video, I explain how I decide which camera to reach for👍

    1. For filming activities with your kids it seems to me the X3 will be much easier to work with. And resolution vs actually usable footage is something a lot of people don’t get until they have gone through a few cameras. A shot where dad doesn’t have to make everyone wait for the camera setup is a lot easier on everybody and results in better footage IMO.

    2. GoPro looks sharper even at lower resolution. The 1080 is disappointing on the X3. But the 360 is a big benefit. I think I would stay with go pro for now.
      How about underwater footage? And what about comparison with GoPro Max?

    3. Hey David, with the X3 you can actually export on 2K from your phone and ipad, and on 4K from your computer.

  2. I got the GoPro 11 cause image quality is the most important factor for me and i already got the Max for the rare occasion i need 360 footage. But having said that, the X3 is pretty cool. For someone who doesn’t own an action camera and wants something that’s good all round, the X3 is probably the best choice at the moment.

    1. I have some extra Max batteries I am trying to sell. Seems to be no one in Canada has a GoPro Max…or any action camera. Anyways, let me know if you are interested.

    2. @Team Saunz Hey, thanks but i have more than enough batteries and i barely use my GoPro Max anymore. I also live in Europe, only the shipping will probably cost more than the batteries themselves 😅Hope you find someone in Canada, someone has to need some batteries there 🤔

  3. Great review pal.. I am not a pro.
    can you please suggest me if x3 in single lens 4k mode video will be normal like go pro or it will give a round shape view of the background like the 360 mode? Then I’ll go for the twin edition, where both 4k and 360 different lenses are available.
    I heard about the heating issues with gopro 11.
    I need to shoot myself during vlog and video regarding daily life which does not require 360 all the time.

  4. i do like the idea of both of these cameras, i think there is so much scope for creativity with the insta x3, i am, however struggling to wonder what i would use it for, as i dont do action sports, or go out hiking. if it had a record when theres movement type thing, then i could see the use for it – i tend to try doing loads of wildlife watching. and sometimes i miss things that are behind me! but leaving it running on the off chance i record something, could be time/battery/memory consuming!
    i have always thought the go pro was a cool piece of kit, i bought a 2nd hand gopro 4, like 9 years ago, it kinda still works, but i used it recently and i was unable to watch the footage on my laptop, so i have no idea whats gone on there, i was always able to view it before.
    i shall continue to have a long hard think about these cameras. thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. have a great week 🙂

    1. Subject would have to be close enough for you to touch in order to get a good shot with the 360 cams…. Subject looks way further away than it really is, that combined with the low resolution makes it even worse if you try to punch in on the subject 🤷‍♂️

    2. Yeah, in that situation, I would say to go for the GoPro. Towards the end I mention that if I’m shooting someone else, I grab the GoPro and if I’m shooting myself, I grab the X3👍

    3. @David Manning yeah i did watch right to the end, i am one of those who once i click a video i am committed to it to the end. i think you are right though, go pro for shooting other things and x3 as a selfie/vlog thing. awesome information as always David, thank you 🙂

  5. Some of my favorite shots are from the Insta360 because there’s no pole and it looks like someone is filming you. But I do like go pro for more vlog style. Sooo we need both!

    1. I agree. They take very different shots and I found them useful in different situations.

  6. I’ve had nothing but trouble from my 11. Overheating multiple times. Lock ups and having to pull battery. I also own the x3 and its nice it really good lighting..

  7. I went through this in the spring when i wanted my first action camera to supplement my sports photography. I went with the Hero 9 b/c I did not understand the role of a 360 camera at the time. At the time, I was comparing GoPros with the One RS and I liked the quality of the GoPro better. Now I wish I had a 360 of some sort, so I am looking for a used one (I can’t justify the cost of a new one as I do not think I’ll ever make any money with it) and have learned a ton from your videos this year.
    Also, I really like those tripods and stick. Are they one unit or is that the selfie stick you linked in your accessories video on top of something else?

  8. Great video on these two. I personally have found myself reaching for my X3 more and more recently, but when I go on my trip to the Okefenokee Swamp next week, I’ll be taking both (as well as my Canon R). I definitely agree that they are similar tools that can be used in conjunction/tandem.

    Also, always a fan of your added commentary/sound effects.

  9. I look at it this way:
    If somebody is doing things that need an action cam, they should (already) have a GoPro in their kit. Most people then, should get the 360 camera before upgrading their GoPro.
    Can i ask: what’s that tripod pole you use for both of your cameras? (LOL heh heh)

  10. how does the single lens mode on the X3 compare to the 4k boost lens on the OneRS and Hero 11 as a helmet cam? possible compromise to buying both the X3 and Hero 11? or is the single lens mode on the X3 just as good as the 4k boost lens?

  11. Exporting in story mode on the 360 app is way better. You can custom export to 1440/30 100 Mbps.

    They both have certain use cases, but I’m finding I can use the 360 in more. If gopro made a gen2 max360, I’d swap over in an instant.

  12. I have both now too! Just picked up the X3 for the exact reason of filming myself! Gopro for the vlog styles. Thanks for a great video David!

  13. That Insta360 tripod can also be used for bullet time, which isn’t used often, but can be kind of a cool secondary shot. I have the X2 and the Hero 8, use them both, but I’ve prefered the X2 as I don’t have to think too much about where I’m pointing.
    Lens covers for the 360 are a must and I don’t think detract that much, and with mtn biking it’s required.

  14. Great video and agree that they’re similar in many ways, and picking one over the other tends to come down to scenario. I think the extra workflow to reframe 360 videos is worth mentioning. The Insta360’s AI tracking does make it way, WAY easier than working with a GoPro Max’s 360 footage, but it’s still an extra step you have to go through.

  15. Hi David, been following your channel for 2 months now and on the fence about purchasing action cam. I am interested in either one of these cams however my current situation in terms of hardware is a Samsung S8+, A33-5G and Intel MiniPC onboard VGA 8GB/512GB. Would it make sense to buy these cams with those considerations? Thx and keep up the energetic great videos. Cheers from Indonesia

  16. DM – totally agree with both if you can, I have a 7 black and a one x2. I don’t fully trust the insta for water proof action but otherwise it gets more use right now. Just wish, 2 years or so into it that insta would already put out next gen 360 with higher reso when you frame down. whichever brand accomplishes that in their next release will crush the market

  17. I am sold on the X3. With the 360 footage I don’t need to worry where I mount the camera or where I am pointing at, I can decide the angle in post which is my favourite feature. Also the invisible stick effect is insane, never get tired of it lol. My uncle just bought the gopro 11 a couple of weeks ago and he sent it back, it was freezing every now and then

  18. Just received my X3. I used to have Gopro 9 but decided not to upgrade to 11. Looking for something new and fun so decided to buy X3 simply because the invisible selfie stick…

  19. I have BOTH. I like Go Pro for point and shoot content but Insta360 is great for when I do live demos where a point and shot camera can’t capture every angle or all the action happening. If you’re rough on your action camera DO NOT get the Insta360 because you will have to ship the camera back, it takes around two weeks to get it back, and the repair cost is SINFUL 💀

  20. Wouldn’t a better comparison have been between the GoPro Max and the Insta360? After all, both are a 360 degree action camera. I’ve got the Max, and the footage is great. Had it mounted on the rear of my motorbike, and the footage is great. No shaking, even on the back of a large V-Twin bike that shakes and vibrates a lot

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