WHICH TO BUY IN 2023? GoPro Hero 11 vs DJI Action 3

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00:00 – Introduction.
01:13 – Side by Side Contrast: .
03:06 – The Classifications I Compare.
03:40 – Image Quality.
05:03 – Audio Quality.
07:09 – Stabilization.
07:42 – Bugginess.
09:22 – Sponsor Slot – Squarespace.
10:59 – Battery Life.
14:40 – A Few More Things.

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WHICH TO BUY IN 2023? vs 3

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  1. I realize it sounds like I’m saying DGI instead of DJI, but I promise it feels like I’m saying DJI… What do you guys think? Is the Action 3 the new King of Action Cameras in 2023?

  2. I chose the GoPro hero 11, after watching many videos. It’s not perfect but in my opinion it was the better of the 2.

    1. Love hearing that Steve! Like I mention, it’s very subjective in which of the two you like best. I will say that when not viewing them side by side, it would be difficult to say which is which. But the side by side makes it pretty evident

    2. @David Manning I already have a GoPro hero seven black which has 12 megapixels so it’s somewhat similar to having the Osmo action 3. I also like the hero 11’s, Horizon Lock and menu better. I just ordered two more batteries so now I have six lol. btw it does sound like you are saying DGI oh well

  3. Nice timing especially when I bought GoPro 11 few weeks earlier based on your previous review when you said GoPro was better 🙂

    1. Hahhaa! Gahhhhh! An update just a little late! Like I say at the end of the video, the GoPro Hero 11 is still an incredible camera and super impressive in every area. You might just need to pickup a few extra batteries👍

  4. A. You sold me on it. I guessed and got them right. Aside from underwater, all the punchiness of B is easy to get in editing. B’s sound is better, but I’d not be using the camera’s sound. Thanks for the effort on the review 😀

    1. Totally agree Christopher, now that they’re both on 10-Bit, there’s quite a bit more adjusting that you can do in post with them. And in listening back, it does sound like the GoPro’s audio is better right out of the box, but man does that wireless mic make life easy with the Action 3🙌

  5. Thanks for the vid, I checked them out last fall but didn’t hear much since.. As a pilot who uses cams on the outside of the plane I would much rather have the DJI, my gopro’s stop working and never last in cold weather. Plus the no remote with preview really bad, I’d like to see on my phone if my shot is still good. Not like I can get out of the plane midflight to check it out.. LOL

  6. This is exactly what I was looking for. Was considering these two cameras 📷 Battery life is important to me. Over heating may be a bigger problem on hot days. I want a reliable camera that I know will work. 👍

    1. Stoked you found it! If those two mean the most to you, then I think you know which way to go👍

  7. Outstanding review. I had the Hero 3 Black and never had a problem. The I finally bought the Hero 9 and right away experience the dreaded freeze up. I also did a 1 hour+, indoor, 4k recording test and no had problems but still felt it might be unreliable. I have the original dji Action and am considering getting the Action 3. Not willing to buy any more GoPro cameras. Its amazing how dji entered this action camera game only recently (May 2019) and is now kicking GoPro’s butt.

  8. The one really important feature (to me) that the GoPro still has over the DJI is the incredible horizon lock thanks to the square sensor.

    1. The DJI has that too, but it only works in 2.7k. It works in 4k too, but only at 45 degrees

  9. Camera B. Hands down. Clarity & color alone. Watching on a 85” tv and I can see how much more of a difference it is. The GoPro is way clearer and colorful. Since it’s first priority and what it actually is a “camera” that’s what it should do best. Both companies have work to do. Great video David. Thanks!! So do I want a longer battery with poorer videos? Or superior video with less battery? Hmmm

  10. I had the gopro hero 5, 7, 8 and 10 over the years and I had issues with all of them. I sold those other cameras and decided to try the A3 and I have not had a single issue with that camera. Not only that, I am a mobile editor and I use luma fusion on my m2 ipad pro to edit my videos. When plugging the A3 into my ipad, the files app recognizes it as a drive and it makes transfering files that much easier. With the hero 10 I had to either go thru the gopro app or I had to do it thru the photos app and that was always an extra step I had to take which I didn’t like. I also have the dji mic system and that has been flawless as well. I am very happy with my action 3 but I am curious with what the hero 12 will be like. Its a shame we are coming up to 12 generations of the heros and yet those cameras still have issues while DJI is 3 gens in and they have pretty much made the A3 near perfect (at least for what I use mines for).

  11. Does the GoPro lock up issue still happen when using a scandisk extreme pro micro SD card?
    I like the GoPro look & recording quality more but it did look like it cropped the image in more.
    I like the idea of only recording once in the 8:7 & then having the option to edit in post.
    Having extra batteries is not a big issue for me as you could get the Volta also if required.

    Hopefully the version 12 will be more stable, better battery life, less over heating, a front touch screen, bigger rear screen, quick switch button & the option of using usb c mics directly without the media mod.
    I’m thinking of waiting until the GoPro 12 comes in September/October time

  12. I the love subtle warning for GoPro fan boys that their camera might lose 😂😂.
    Great video as always. Brought GoPro 9 few years ago and i’m happy about it

  13. Hero 7 died on me completely 18 months after purchase. Unbelievable…. This video came just in time!!

  14. Loved the image from the GoPro 11 but I dont miss it at all after getting the DJI Action 3. No freezes, no over heating, longer battery, it just works better!

  15. What about the focus issues on the DJI that plagued the initial launch? I was all set to buy one on release, but then the reviews all complained about the focus being out of alignment!

  16. Great video. It is unbelievable that GoPros are still so buggy and overheat.

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