Winter in New York

Thanks for all the support this year. Looking forward to huge things in 2024.

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Song: "Composite 03" by Thrupence.

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Winter in New York

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  1. This is a masterpiece…color grade tutorial please…cheers from Korea 🙂

  2. Amazing video faizal! Looking forward to seeing your works in your series of travel next year ❤

  3. Someone asked me… “do you have a favorite photographer?” I said “one word: Faizal “

    You’re an inspiration brotha.

  4. Happy 2024! Sounds like a great start to your 2024! Beautiful video full of small intimate emotional scenes. Thanks for sharing and inspiring in 2023!

  5. Happy New Year Faizal! Love your work, I cannot wait to see your magic in 2024, truly inspiring✨ Myriam from Paris, France

  6. Beautiful! It reminds me of Eternal Sunshine for some reason… Happy New Year 🙂

  7. Can’t wait to see how you take your work to the next level next year! You already have a unique way in how you film so I’m curious how you see Madrid and Japan and what catches your attention

  8. Happy 2024! So excited that you are going to Japan!! I might be there around the same time. Love your work and thank you for an inspirational 2023. Wishing you the best for 2024 full of health and fruitful experiences.

  9. Best closing video for 2023
    And also best opening video for 2024, Well done Faizal.

  10. I love your videos. The texture of the video is so appealing. Was this taken with the XT-5? Or the A7m4?
    I wish you would give as much information about the video as you do the photos.

  11. Your work never fails to move me. You’re one of the most influential contemporary artists that myself and some of my photographer friends follow. Excited to see your growth as an artist in 2024! Thank you for the inspiration <3

    P.S. I never tried presets before and got some of yours recently. I absolutely love them! I've been going through my old travel photos and have used your presets. Love the look they bring out.

  12. Japan is top on my list to travel too. It’s hard tho, I barely make enough to save enough for it, but Im doing everything I can. Hopefully I can go for my birthday in 2024 but its a real toss up if things keep breaking, like my car just dying.

  13. That is a beautiful love letter to NYC. Happy New Year Faizal 🥂

  14. Got back from Japan last month. Amazing trip. Went to Korea as well. Next stop Europe and Mexico.

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