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  1. Best April Fool’s video I’ve seen in a while. But also where do I buy these? Hahaha

  2. Honestly though a variable ND on sunglasses would actually be a great idea. Like transition lenses but you can control your own level instead of waiting for it to turn darker/lighter on its own.

  3. I hate the fact that I would actually wear these because they look kinda cool.
    Also variable ND’s in sunglasses are legit a great idea!

  4. Happy April 1st. Years ago I tried converting 2 pairs of cheap 37mm CPL into variable ND sunglasses. Turns out the colour shifts are crazy.

  5. This is hilarious LOL, I was thinking “… isn’t that what they do? *checks date* ah yes 😂

  6. Yes, ND glasses, the world is blurred! I guarantee within a short period I’d break them. Would you like my list of broken filters?

  7. I’m legit about to order some polar pro nd filters and make some of my own this idea is brilliant

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