You have to believe in your work

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Some terrific today – and you really require to have more confidence in your own – all the time!

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Tam Hector
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Chuq Von Rospach
Brian Lackey
Bryan M Sargent
Scott Mallon

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You have to believe in your work

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  1. I love your ‘work/book’ reviews and It would be great if you could cover this topic on publishing, book layouts and all things related.

    1. I concur! I just started looking into printing my first zine and it’s such a deep and daubting topic. Would be so awesome to hear what Ted would recommend to get started.

  2. I would love to have more information on building books and creating the art form.
    I used to do Apple Books but they closed down and most seem too expensive to do more than one book.
    Also it would be nice to have a simple template like Apple used to do, I haven’t found anything that compares so far, but to be honest I haven’t really looked that hard.

  3. You’ve really been motivating me to start putting my photos on paper and in books (tbh, I never picked up on the word “Zine” until mid-way through this video… is that just another word for photo book?). Right now my approach would just be to put together a collection my favorite photos since I started taking photography seriously, just to get that “first draft” out of the way. It’d be cool if you could share your perspective on styles or types of photo books as a whole, or the nuances of putting a book together together (as in, the things that go through your head beyond the simple act of just gathering photos and putting one after another).

    1. “Zine” is short for magazine or fanzine. Starting in the 1930’s, likely with the earliest science fiction fan communities, they invented mimeographed newsletters where for a minac (minimum activity-usually one submission every few months) your submitted short story or article would be run, the ‘zine printed then mailed out to every subscriber, as well as any group you had an exchange subscription agreement with. I participated in a few ‘zines in the 1990’s, when Factsheet 5 served as an index of every known ‘zine in the world. It was an amazing time of creativity and cooperation. A lot of very strong art and a not inconsiderable amount of good fiction came about in this process, as well as serving the needs of some small historical societies and the like.

    2. Zine is just another word that has lost its original meaning. A 1990s zine was stapled together, not bound like a book. Usually every thing was stolen from a school or someone’s employer. The zine publisher didn’t have money to pay for paper, etc so they got it from their school or a parents employer.

  4. I love how you’re the only one on youtube (that I know) that touches on topics that photographers need to really progress holistically, rather than just how to take better photos. Cheers man.

  5. Definitely have a feature on zine/book publishing. Might be a good idea to highlight pros/cons of self-publishing.

    I just got back into photography in the last few months. I recently included a photo in a small exhibition at a local nursing home. I think hesitation to share work comes from being our own worst critics.

    When you mentioned your last trip to NYC, I was reminded of the last trip I took. I went to Anaheim for a conference; my first time back to Southern California since moving back east ten years earlier. That trip seems surreal now as I was there I n the last week of February 2020, right before the world went mad.

  6. As I just recently “put my work out there” for the first time, I would love to watch that kind of video. Might help to get a head start in zines and books 👏

  7. I’ve been working on putting a book together for a while now and would love a video on publishing/book making. Especially if there’s discussion about non standard formatting or paper choices

  8. I’d love you to continue with this! It’s a great idea and gives us all inspiration, especially with your input.

  9. I would love a video(s) covering printing books or zines. I know there is more to it than just plopping photos onto a page. Perhaps you could even use well regarded photo books as examples. Flow, layout, the way images on the page interact, theme – I’m interested in all of it!

  10. Yes, a video on this topic would be a great idea. Can I suggest adding to the mix the idea of an annual photo calendar? That really works for me and the focus of getting on average one image a month (preferably for that month the following year) is a good discipline. Printing out, thinking about colour and selecting the best 12 photos of the year (and which fits the month + gives some variety) are all a good exercises. It also makes a good xmas gift!

  11. I’d love to see more about books and publishing, zines etc. Frankly, I think the topic would deserve its own channel. And on a completely different note: whatever happened to the Artist Series? That was so cool! Keep up the great work Ted!

  12. Yes! I’d love some videos on zines and books vs fine art prints. I’m interested in the idea of photos as ephemera and what that might mean. When does a photo become worthy of more? What is the purpose of a zine? Is it a business card, movable gallery show, portfolio, and/or keepsake? How and where would you sell books of your work? Who would buy them? Self-publishing risks and pitfalls. What is the value of a fine art print? Does the medium matter? I think the act of printing ones work and bringing it to fruition is so important. Oh so many questions! I love your thoughtful videos. Thanks Ted!

  13. Ted, I love watching these videos, and YES…I definitely want to see a video or series on making and publishing a “zine” or a photo book. You’ve already inspired me to start printing my photos, and I honestly can’t understand why I never started printing sooner. There is something about the tactile experience you get holding that photo in your hands, and it’s much more personal than looking at it online. I have so many ideas on what to turn into a zine…travels in Europe, some of my automotive shoots, events I’ve covered. I just don’t know where to start, or what companies will turn out a reasonably priced, quality product. Please start a series on this! 🙂

  14. Thank you for the wonderful videos over the years. I love the community aspect of showing zines. I hope to get out of my comfort zone to do the same. A section on ways to layout and select images would great.

  15. Man, every time I watch one of your videos, I am happy, that there is at least one human being left, who is nice and sincere. Thank you so much for your awesome work! You’re simply a fantastic person! 👍🏻

  16. I definitely want to see videos related to making prints, printing books, lightroom settings for print, organization and different styles. Like your videos very much and if you would expand on the topics mentioned, it would have tremendous value to those coming up the ranks in photography. Cheers

  17. OMG Yes I would love to see and hear more about zine making, layout, design, low to mid budget options, recommendations, etc. I printed my first practice zine at Walmart and shared it with family. I took their suggestions and I’m revising adding subtracting etc for a second run. By the way these mail episodes are the best. Thanks

  18. Hi Ted, definitely interested in your guidance on zines, books and what goes into the process from planning to publishing. Thanks Ted, cheers from Andrew in Ottawa Canada

  19. I just wanted to say that I don’t watch all your video’s, but the ones I do watch, I always really like. Love your approach, passion, dedication, and message that you convey on this channel. You have a true passion for the Art of Photography, and it always comes through in your videos. And the viewer mail videos never cease to amaze how great of work that a lot of people do and send to you.

  20. Hey Ted, thanks you for another great video. I would really enjoy a series of videos showing the process of you making a photography book (collection of some of your images). So things like image selection, paper choice, how to find a place to print and such stuff. With your thoughts and insights. That would be amazing 🙂

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