YOU NEED THIS If You Own a GoPro

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PO Box 2622
Valley Center, CA 92082

00:00 – Intro
00:45 – What is Snap Mounts?
02:09 – Snap Mounts Pro Kit
04:10 – Snap Mounts Accessories
05:33 – Snap Mounts Phone Mount
07:17 – Snap Mounts Bike Mount
08:51 – When Don't I Use Snap Mounts

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YOU NEED THIS If You Own a GoPro

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  1. Do you think snap mounts would be strong enough to put on a chest mount for mountain biking? Thanks.

    1. Yes… I use it for backpacking and hiking. I have a mount attached to a chest pack, I crawl over and under logs, bushwhack etc and have never had it come off my chest pack. I also have o mount on a trekking pole with the locking adapter and it works great.

    2. Yes, I’m also waiting for them to make a magnetic chesty so that I can wear the chesty harness under the mtb jersey. I gotta look good when my riding skills are bad. hahaha

  2. Can you use Snap Mount when your GoPro is in the Media Mod or in another cage (the Ulanze G5-9 for example)?

    1. They actually have a specific MediaMod Snap Mount that you can pickup from their site. It has a bit more room so the MediaMod can lay flat in the mountπŸ‘

  3. So how easy is it to remove the snap plate? It might solve my problem

    1. I’ve put them a few spots and been able to pull them off no problem. One of them came off and I was able to reuse the Snap Plate, but another one was on there really good, so when I removed the plate, it bent a bit

  4. you’re making me want a new GoPro! πŸ˜‰ and I already have a 4 & 6 that I don’t use anymore. and an Insta360 Go 2 that I need to start using more often!πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚ #alwaysneedmoregear

  5. The only thing I don’t like about the snap mounts are that it makes the camera even more bulky for use on a helmet. It’s a great concept, but I wish there was a way of doing it that didn’t interfere as much with the profile of the camera.

  6. My shop looks like a SnapMount warehouse thanks to you and Snapmounts. So darn clever in everything they do. I think the locking snapmount should be the standard for everything. Buy a bunch of their extra long screw knobs and you’ll never use another kind in your life. I didn’t know about the handlebar mount. I should just link my bank account to them and let them do automatic pulls. -Tom

  7. heey, man!

    Still watching your video, but wanted to get your perscpective, if possible..
    if money is not an issue, would you prefer gopro or osmo action 3 to film street skateboard?

    I am debating wicht one to buy..
    the main thing in favor of osmo action 3 is the field of view.. i haven’t be able find exact numbers, but it seens the osmo action 3 has a wider field of view than the gopro.. this, for skate, is HUGE…
    the adventure combo, with the charging case is really a plus too..
    haven’t see your test about the 10bit osmo action 3 yet..

    I specially interested in 4k+ 60 fps and 120 fps…

    for the gopro hero 11, apparentely the image quality is better..
    and there is the 8×7 aspect (4k 60fps) which is a big plus too…

    how different is the field of view in 4k 120fps? is there a big difference in image quality between the two in this settings?

    sorry for the bad english πŸ™‚

  8. It is the best thing ever!

    Please have GoPro enable preview while recording on gopro 9 – 10 πŸ™

  9. I think of it as a safety feature that it can come off if on my chest. I have asked them to make a chest mount so that it can be stealth under my jersey. But I throw a plate in my fanny pack and move from my chest to my pack and don’t have to stop pedaling if I want to switch views quickly and with GoPros self leveling I can have the camera upside down on the chest then right side up on the pack or on a seat mount.

  10. Love their mount that allows you to use the media mod with it! I think we own everything they offer!

  11. They should make one with a 1/4 screw that directly screws into a tripod mount. I don’t get why they haven’t made one yet. I hate using those GoPro tripod adapters. They always break and you need an additional thumb screw to make it work.

  12. SnapMount website shows they’re only compatible up to GoPro Hero 10…I’m assuming it would be compatible with the GoPro Hero 11 also…right?

  13. Another great one David.
    Would you trust snapmounts on a motorcycle?
    Happy holidays to you and your family.

  14. I’ve been looking into those and wondering if they really are as good as advertised. Thanks for the video and convincing me the hype is real!

  15. Been looking for a lanyard system to keep my cellphone safe while kayaking with no luck till now. Thanks!

  16. I love my snap mount ! You made me want to buy the kit and it’s worth the money.

  17. Got a snap mount kit cause of you! i was wondering what kind of tripod you use with the snap mounts? I got the GoPro 3 way tripod and the snap mount with GoPro is too heavy the head wobbles… not sure how to alleviate this?

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