I pre-ordered the , but you shouldn't. Or rather, you most likely should not. Let me explain!
Video Camera –
Photo Cam –
Main lens:
Preferred Lens:
Long lens:
NEW Video Camera Bag:
Knapsack Clip:
BEST Travel Tripod:
F38 Quick Release System:.
Vlog Tripod -.
Vlog Tripod Head -.
Quick Release System:.
Insta360 Ace Pro:.
Insta360 ONE X3 -.
DJI Action 4:.
GoPro Hero 12:.
Quick Release Action Gear:.
35mm -.
50mm -.
85mm -.
90mm -.
The leather camera strap:.
— Usage Code "MANNING" for 10% DISCOUNT.
PO Box 2622.
Valley Center, CA 92082.
00:00 – Intro.
00:42 – Why You need toN'T Purchase The .
03:30 – WHY DID I Purchase The Apple Vision Pro?
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    1. Your business expense explanation was spot normal people cannot justify

  1. Mr Manning, while I have long known that harry Anderson and Peter McKinnen were magicians, I never knew you were. I was formerly a childhood PROFESSIONAL magician. I got paid $5 to do a birthday show for my neighbor’s kid when I was 11 years old. I then retired at my peak of fame. But it makes me unquestionably a PROFESSIONAL. I went to Tanner’s Magic jubilee convention in the Catskills about 11 times in a 18 year period. I got private lessons with car legend Frank Garcia. David Copperfield was a Teenage Camp counselor at tanners magic camp. And Doug Henning wrote me back after I sent him a letter when I saw him in “The Magic Show” on broadway. Did you ever go to the Tannen’s convention? What was the first Magic shop & trick you got ? Mine was at Circle Magic (owned by Tannen’s brother) and it was the “cut & restored rope” (of course). How did you magical begging begin and why did you stop?
    – Eric ZORK Alan & Sweetie [ Professional Poets & Bed 🛏️ & Beer🍺 Vloggers ]

  2. Picking mine up on launch day, but not sure if I’m going to keep it for the reasons you mentioned. I also need to see what value it adds to my daily life before I decide whether or not to return it. I’m most interested in productivity, so I need to see how it affects my workflow. If I get tired of wearing it and switch back to my Mac after a couple of hours, then it’s definitely going back.

    1. I’ve gotta say, I’m not optimistic that you’ll keep it! Those are essentially all the reasons that I don’t see mass adoption of the AVP happening at this point. I don’t think that a new interface alone, even though it will be dope, will significantly add to your daily life or productivity. BUT, it will be super fun to have people over and watch them experience it for the first time. So great party trick!

  3. Price is a killer, and damn AppleCare is ridiculous, what’s the deductible? Also, sick jacket!

  4. Excited to see what you think of it! My Meta Quest 2 has turned into a mini golf machine, so it’s tough to imagine spending several thousand dollars on another mini golf machine.

    1. I was just talking with my neighbor about how incredible a golf simulator setup would be with the AVP! Imagine putting and you can see the line and break and all the extra info out there while you’re practicing?!

    2. @@DavidManningvlog now we are talking! They just need to balance the weight of the headset a bit better and get rid of the cable to the battery pack before I’d ever trust myself swinging anything on that device lol

  5. The reason I’m interested in the Apple Vision Pro is for the development of cinematic experiences. The Meta Quest is awesome and I have tons of fun with mine, however, has it’s graphical and computing limitations that I feel Apple may be offering the beginning of an even more immersive experience overall. Though before hitting order I’ll be waiting for your upcoming content to see what is possible once the reviews and deep dives roll in.

    1. I think that’s where I’m at mentally as well. What Apple brings to the table in the way of interfaces has been incredible. But what eventually makes an incredible interface indispensable is the ecosystem of apps and connected devices around them. Super stoked to see what’s coming!

    2. I preordered and probably for the app called “NextVr” alone. It was amazing in my oculus then it disappeared one day and I noticed a few years later Apple bought the company! Years after that Vision Pro is announced. That app had me courtside at live nba games, Super Bowl content on the field, ringside at boxing matches and more. Can only imagine what that’s like with 4k resolution per 👁️ ‼️

  6. Mine will show up next week. I have not done iOS development in about 10 years. I intend to learn to program this over the summer break. I have been decidedly disappointed in every VR/AR device I have tried. This one I think will be the one to get me hooked. At the very least I hope it can deliver a home theater experience for a better price/quality ratio.

    1. Oh man, the developer side of things on the AVP is going to be super exciting! There’s so many incredible things that CAN be done with augmented reality! My only concern is that we’ll end up with more apps that are profitable to the developer and less that are useful to the user. For instance, how annoying will pop up ads be in AR?!

  7. Great advice… A preview of what’s to come… Can imagine the tech in 5 years… I’m in the waiting group cause of the price… Have to try that magic trick… Thanks David.

    1. Practice it a few times and make sure to make a big deal about the spark in your hand so everyone is looking there👌

  8. No way in hell, I am buying the Apple Vision Pro. I am 70 years old and retired, so spending $5K on something I am sure I won’t use is crazy. Besides my wife will totally this own me. Also my wife and I enjoying travelling, and spending time with our grandkids, so we would spend $5k for those activities. But I will enjoying seeing your video when you get your new magical toy. Also I really enjoy magical trick.

  9. If I had the David Manning money I would buy it for a new toy. 😊
    Love your action camera videos. Keep them coming.

    1. Hahaha! Like I said, it’s only happening because it’s a business expense. Couldn’t imagine buying it otherwise!

  10. Software developers wanting to develop for this platform . . . yeah and YouTubers. I think the weight of this thing is going to make it a cool 10 minute demo for people and not much more. Sadly, I think we’re all funding Apple’s R&D department. 😬

    1. I mean, to be fair, I’m not bummed about that. I think long term, the real use cases will emerge in 5-8 generations, but getting to be part of the first generation of devices will be super exciting! SUPER FRUSTRATING… but super exciting too

  11. This is expensive, but so is other assistive technology for people with disabilities. If this has detection mode in the magnifier (I can’t tell right now because the simulator doesn’t even allow access to the magnifier in visionOS, if it has one you’d find it in the Control Center), which on the iPhone and iPad allows me to have text read in real time, ID how far people are away from me by pointing at them, etc., in addition to magnification and different color schemes for different eye conditions, I may look into it. Supposedly you can blow these apps up as big as you want, right? There is a 16” desktop video magnifier (looks like a PC monitor with a special table used to move print around), and it can read to you? That is $4,000-$5,000. If this can do all that, plus be my GPS, my book reader, and (in time) replace my Mac and (maybe) my iPhone? I’m listening.

  12. The truth is, 99% of people cannot afford it. If you’re spending thousands of dollars on something just for fun, then it means you have the money. I can’t see this going into anyone’s daily lives until it becomes more accessible, and i don’t know if that’s possible. Good perspective though. Keep up the great work David!

  13. As a dad of 4 young kids. I can’t imagine any situation where I’d be able to sit around wearing this thing on my head without my wife divorcing me.

  14. One thing I want to do if I ever get the Apple Vision Pro is to watch a 3D movie on it. Just imagine how it would look.

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